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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I am a cuckold. I live watching my girlfriend fuck other guys. Especially older guys, married guys, and most importantly black guys. Sheâs 5 years younger then me and very attractive. Tall, fit, big tits and a great yoga ass. Weâve been together 5 years and from the very start of being together she knew what I liked and was cool with it.

    She knows I fantasize about i****t, and she loves when Iâm eating her out and I talk about my fantasies. One that quickly became her favourite was the idea of us having a daughter and involving her in our experiences when sheâs of appropriate age. I was surprised how much she enjoyed that fantasy and we started building on it and talking about it.

    Currently the fantasy is that our very hot 18 year old daughter would come home unexpectedly with with her best friend, kinda drunk, and walk in the living room to see her mom on her knees with two black guys in front of her and one laying on the floor under her eating her ass.

    Theyâd be shocked and embarrassed and weâd all have to take a break and talk to them and explain how we are. Her friend would ask us lots of personal questions and that would turn me on. My daughter would ask me why I like watching her with other guys and Iâd tell her it excites me and makes me want her more. Her friend would say she thinks itâs super hot and wishes her boyfriend was like me.

    My wife would then introduce the black guys to them and theyâd both just stare at their hard huge cocks. Iâd ask them if theyâve ever seen black dock before and theyâd say only in porn. My daughter would confess to liking black porn and to have gone on webcam before for random guys and one of them was black and they exchanged numbers and sexted. Her friend would ask me if Iâve ever thought about our daughter like that and Iâd say yes, and tell them me and my friends have jerked offntogether to her instagram photos. My daughter would admit to secretly liking the idea of me and my friends getting off to her. Sheâs ask me which friends and Iâd tell her who and when Iâd name my coworker she would tell me sheâs fantasizes about him before. I tell her heâd love that and her friend suggests I send him a pic of the two of them.

    My wife suggests sending one of the three of them between all the black guys. We take the pic and send it off, then my daughter asks if she can watch a bit.

    I tell her she can direct them and see anything she wants. She loves that. She tells her mom to stuff all three cocks in her mouth at once. She then tells us when she was in highschool shebsucked three guys at a party while people watched. Her friend confirmed it. I got so hard hearing that I asked her if sheâs ever done that again and she said sheâs had a few thresomes. A few with her friend that was over. She describes eating her outnwhile getting fucked and scissoring against a cock.

    Her friend asks if I ever join in and I tell her often and I love sucking black cock. Both girls ask to see me do that so I get down beside my wife and start sharing thencocks with her. They love it.

    Her friend starts rubbing my daughters pussy and fingering hereelf. I pull out my 9 inch cock and stroke it. They are both amazed at it. Her friend tells my wife she wants to suck my cock and she tells her to do it. She looks at my daughter and she says do it too.

    I stand up in front of them and her friend starts sucking my cock right in front of my daughter. I ask my daughter if she would want to suck one of the guys for me to watch. She immediately agrees and tells the biggest one to come to her. We stand beside each other while my daughter sucks his cock and her friend sucks mine. Seeing her wrap her lips around it was so fucking hot. She asks me if I like watching her and I say yes. She asks my her mom to eat her pussy while she sucks the cock.

    My wife obliges and goes to town in her pussy withbher tongue. I tell another guy to fuck my wife from behind. Watching my wife eat my daughters pussy while getting fucked while getting my cock sucked by her friend is too much and I cum all over her friends face.

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