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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I had been dating my girlfriend for about a year and we decided we wanted to have a 3some with one of my buddyâs. Now my buddy had actually had sex with my girlfriend 3 years prior to us dating and I wasnât a jealous type so it didnât bother me. Now I have a small dick and I know that, itâs about 4.5 inches and itâs not that Iâm not good in bed my girlfriend cums every time we have sex if not multiple times but I understand Iâm not hitting some of those deep areas that someone with a bigger dick can hit. And the best way to keep your girl happy is to make sure she is totally satisfied and I told her this and she was surprised but loved that Iâd be willing to let her have sex with someone else. She had told me before that the time she had sex with my buddy was honestly the best sex sheâs ever had so I told her we could have a 3some with him she was so excited of course. Now when the night came I realized quickly why the sex had been so good, my buddy had an 8 inch dick with a perfect girth and my girlfriend looked so happy being able to actually put her whole hand around a dick while she gave her amazing blow job. She is on birth control so me and my buddy both were gonna be hitting it raw but it ended up being less of a 3some and more of me watching my girlfriend get her brains fucked out from behind while yelling out stuff like âI missed this good dick so muchâ âI forgot how good big dick feltâ âthis your pussy now, you can have it wheneverâ. And to be honest I understood why so I didnât make a big deal about it. The embarrassing part is my girlfriend fucks my buddy no less than 3 times a week now and she constantly sends me pictures of her face covered in cum and videos of her getting fucked. She laughs and tells me thatâs how a real man fucks a girl. And reminds me all the time during sex that Iâm just borrowing his pussy and that he is daddy which turns me on knowing my buddy has literally stolen my girlfriends pussy

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