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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Got a video from my girlfriend of her getting fucked from behind by a guy with a much bigger dick than me while she moaned how much she loved his big Dick. I just texted back âwowâ and then a minute later âobviously sheâs yours after seeing that obviously I canât competeâ
    She just responded an hour later she was so sorry and that she loved me but I just wasnât big enough to fully satisfy her and she was sorry it had to end like this. I weirdly was turned on by the fact my girlfriend actually left me because my dick wasnât big enough which was humiliating.

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    If she left you because your cock wasnt big enough then she didnt love you. Thats a pretty weak reason to end a "loving" relationship imho.

    Youre better off without her.

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