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    Straight Female / 43

    Its a difficult question to ask has anyone given there adult son a hand job ime sure some have, I admit I have given mine several at first I felt bad about but need took over, but now its got to the stage where he wants a full relationship, I don't know how ide feel after, help some one,


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    I can make some suggestions that might help.
    But you have not given much information.
    How old is your son?
    Do you share a home just the two of you?
    Husband or other children?
    Explain 'need took over'
    Explain how all of this came about in the first place and who made the first move.

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    You aren't alone,Jess. When you mentioned that need took over,it could be that your husband is absent or isn't able to satisfy you. Either way,as long as you both are comfortable( here I mean a consensual relationship)and be happy together,DON'T FEEL GUILTY.Sin and wrongs( pertaining to i****t) are only meant to protect the structure of a family( when there is a possibility of conflict between father-son,mother -daughter and another possibility of genetic defects).As long as there is no husband or he doesn't/wouldn't know or has given his permission AND there is no possibility of children out of i****t,why bother?

    I have known many i****tuous couples who are happy together and no one among the relatives or friends ( remember this as either can disclose the exciting relationship to someone who they trust only to be betrayed)know. I know only as a professional and will never disclose their names.

    Read:- Case Studies under FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY blog (FME are all together,I just made it
    easier for you to read)

    I am currently consulting ( only over how they can safely proceed)
    a mother -son couple which got into i****t,when the husband of the woman died.She also had A NEED and he was delighted to fulfill it. They are very happy.Nothing compares a true love and sex relationship between a mother and a child.So don't feel bad AFTER.Respecting the need is better than suppression of the desire.You will NEVER BE SORRY AFTERWARDS,I assure you.

    Here you both want and even need it.Let's know how it progresses.Good luck.
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    Reply to No 2 Comment.

    Thankyou for your interest, in a way my husband is absent he is a heavy drinker he spends his time in the bar with his friends, I am 41 and fit and attractive, I have tried to arouse his sexuality when we are in bed but he turns over and tells me to play with myself which I do very frequently, my sexual drive is still very strong, I am very wet down below while typing, the involvement with my son was unexpected I don't mind giving details if your interested, its good to talk to you.

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    Well Jess, as someone who is into it with my mom's, i can tell you there's nothing wrong with it. We have been doing it for over 10 years. At first we were like you but once you get past the initial hesitation it's actually very rabbi and fulfilling.
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    This is Commenter #1 again.
    I recently helped a mother in the same situation.
    Last I heard, she and her adult son were doing really well and very happy.
    They had even brought another family member into their bed
    Commenter #2 has had a lot more experience.
    Commenter #4 is speaking from first hand experience.

    Because it has the 'taboo' label there is heavy guilt attached.
    There is guilt attached to EVERYTHING sexual in America because our culture is so strapped by moral and religious restrictions.
    We are the only major nation in the world afraid to show a tit on a TV commercial.

    My point is that you should stand this whole thing on its head.
    Ditch the guilt and go for it.
    Explain to your son how much you love him and that your desire is in addition to that, not instead of it.
    Do all the things you would love to do with him and teach him how to treat a woman, how to make love to her, what makes her feel sexy, etc.
    Try new things with him.
    Go to a strip club together, a swingers club together, fuck his friends if that is an option you like, etc.
    The world is your oyster.

    My name is Doug.
    [email protected]@g***l.**m
    Would love to hear more details and help in whatever way I can.
    I think you and your son are awesome.

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    A simular incident happened between my mom and me when I was 14 years old. I had masturbated many times but had never been involved in sex. All I really knew was what I had heard other teens talk and stories I had read. But, we lived in the country, my dad owned his own business and spent many hours with the business. So, mom normally took an afternoon nap and this particular time was on a war, summer afternoon, no school. She didn't trust me outside alone, afraid I wander off and get into trouble. S o she made me come and lay in bed with her. Like normal, I lay there and let my mind wonder and start my feet to shake. Mom told me to stop that, it as bothering her from her resting. I did knock it off but soon afterward I began to think of this cute girl in my school and began shaking my feet again unconsciously and Mom turned and gave me a slight slap across my stomach and told me again to knock it off. But, this time she struck me a little low and I had a boner. She struck it and curiously ran her hand under my pants and said, "Wow? Are you daydreaming about me?" I didn't know what to say but she commenced squeezing my hard and playing with it. It was, I'll admit, effecting me more. She turned toward me, continuing to jack me off as I then knew it and she took one of my hands and placed it on her tight and firm tits. She told me to play with them. I did and she asked if I had ever mad e love to a girl before. I said I had not. She asked if I wanted her to teach me what a girl likes. All I could say was, "If you want to." She then began to rid me of my summer shorts. Back then we boys wore no under ware, just our knee length shorts. She then took my hand from her tits and placed it on her warm and wet pussy. She began rubbing and fingering her pussy using me hand also. I do mean this was making me more passionate if possible.
    To make this shorter she did start sucking me hard dick which was about to drive me crazy. She wanted me to use my tongue to play and suck on her pussy. I was hesitant until she put her hand on my head and forced my mouth upon her pussy. It did not taste as I suspected, rather it taste sweet and I enjoyed it. We finally get into the regular sex position, me on top, and she took my hard dick and guided it into her hot an wet pussy. She and I banged away for as long as we could. I shot my 14 year old load into her waiting pussy and she told me to not worry, that she was on the pill and I could not get her pregnant. This was not the only time this happened. I think we both looked forward to it. We continued this until I finished high school and joined the military. I'm sure we both remembered and thought about this each time we got together later but never mentioned it.
    I ggot married a few years after joing the military and Mom died from a blood clot a couple years after that.
    I could have talked forever on this but have to cut it off before everybody gets pissed for using so much time and space.
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    Hello,Jess,this is commentator #2.
    Yes,it's quite common the condition your husband is facing.I don't know if you have informed your husband about it or whether you should .It's better to enjoy without informing anyone,though.There is that added exciting element of secrecy.

    Enjoy yourself.Age is not a problem.You are quite young.I have seen 60 year old women who keep themselves healthy and are blessed with good looks. I wish I could see you.It's not prudent to show yourself to anyone .considering the stupid illegality attached to Incest.
    Don't let your son--(1)make a video out of your sweet experiences or even take snaps when you peacefully doze off after a couple of love sessions.Youngsters or even grown up men do this. Don't give in to that temptation and sternly warn your son against this.(2) Let your son know that you will still be his mom and he has to treat you with respect( though the inhibitions should be dropped to enjoy fully) and NOT disclose anything to anybody.Youngsters do this as well,especially if some friend/s of his tells him about his true/concocted stories about his sister or mother( at times it's done to extract confessions from your son--since you are a beautiful woman and many of his friends might be thinking and fantasizing about you).(3) Don't fall for a threesome with any of his friends or others.Frequently,some pairs are tempted to try a variety of experiences.This could be DANGEROUS.You will be treated as a loose woman though men enjoy themselves.

    Dear Jess,If you need further help or wish to share details,create an email with Tutanota.**m,get a safety key password,share it with me and we can in a secured manner get in touch.This service NEVER asks for your contact number or another mail to verify and confirm your free subscription--though Protonmail and mailfence do.

    With Warm Regards,

    Thanks Doug. Is g***l secure enough to communicate? Why not Tutanota.**m?

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    Commentator #6,thanks for sharing your experience and so sorry to learn about your dear mom's demise.
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    Jess,this is again #2 and #7.
    Had forgotten to mention two issues:
    First,it's always better to keep it within the family(if consensual and won't damage anybody) than find partner/s outside .There are chances of blackmail,sexploitation,infections(including T.B.) even financial embezzlement.If i****t is immoral so is extra marital relationship but the former is safer.There is a true bond between mom and son.Here,you both are willing Nothing is forced.
    (2)About Tutanota- the password isn't shared here.You create one T.account,create a password,let the other party know your tutanota mail,he creates one too.The password is sent to his account.He/she decrypts that and reads your mails and responds likewise.Even the can't access the content.

    These are just suggestions and you are free to reject them.With Warm Regards,
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    To Jess and Commenter #2.
    Yes, g-mail is secure.
    Have used it before for similar discussions with mother and son.

    Jess, I disagree with restricting yourself.
    If you're attracted to any of your son's friends tell him.
    It's ok to like that and actually very hot.
    Your son will naturally want to show you off.
    And you'll appreciate that because you probably crave the attention.

    Point is don't hold back.
    If necessary divorce his father.
    And discuss what he might want to do if he meets a woman he might want to marry.
    You can be as creative as you choose.

    Anyway, more food for thought.
    would still love to talk to you. :))

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