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    This is something my husband still knows nothing about and I doubt I will ever tell him. The only person who knows about this is my best friend Gail who I told many years ago. When I was 12 until 15 I spent a little over three years in a foster home where I was abused weekly by Donald M. I did find out he ended up in prison for many years after being convicted of child abuse and died several years ago. It was other kids he abused and I was never contacted or questioned by the authorities. I must have been one of the first he abused so in a way I was fortunate not to have to go into details about what he did to me. I don't think at the time I thought he was abusing me because he was never mean and never beat or hurt me. It was always done when his wife was out of the house or away somewhere. He always gave me a pill which was supposedly a vitamin then subject me to a physical examination. I still don't know what kind of pill he gave me but do remember being relaxed and perfectly compliant. He simply had me take all my clothes off and examine my body. At first it was just that, an examination, until I began experiencing orgasms which he proclaimed where good for me. I don't know when it was done but believe I was 13 when my hymen was penetrated. It didn't occur to me until years after this guy was masturbating me and eventually began having intercourse with me. I don't think I ever saw his penis since he would always have me bent over when he had intercourse with me from the rear. I was always in a fog when he did this which was at least once every week. Once I took the "vitamin pill" he would wait awhile before taking me to my room and having me disrobe. He never took his clothes off in front of me and I had never seen him naked the years I lived there. I doubt I knew what arousal or orgasm meant back then but did know it felt good when he did this to me. His excuse or logic for it was telling me it was a responsibility of a foster parent to do it. For some reason I believed this p**ophile and am just glad he finally got punished and think he was in prison for 7 years. When I was 15 I was taken in by my mothers sister and lived with her until I got out of college. I never spoke about it and kept it to myself all theses years since then. I don't feel any guilt about it and am confident enough to know it was not my fault. The pill he gave me each time had to be some type of a date r**e drug and he knew exactly what he was doing. He probably thought he would never get caught but thankfully he finally did. His wife was a very nice lady who was always good to me and I doubt she knew what he was doing over those years. If I told my husband or for that matter any other friends or family I'm afraid they would think I was stupid for letting it happen. I really don't let it bother much because I know how I was drugged, taken advantage of and know he was completely responsible for it. My friend Gail is the one who found out he died in 2015 because she still lives in that town.

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    Sometimes it's best to leave the past behind, so long as it does not affect or influence the present and future. Your story illustrated quite candidly that it is possible to lead a well-adjusted life after abuse. Good for you! Thanks for sharing.
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    Too many foster children are sexually abused. A good number of people take in children for the additional meager income and to m****t sexually.
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    Crapola. All you exhibit is being yet another leftist radical pushing this 'me too" movement garbage. Your account has absolutely NO credibility. You represent the horde of foolish, angry females out there that have nothing more than a good imagination. Give it up girl.
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    If you liked it, then why complain of being taken advantage of? Pleasure is good. Helped you at the time.

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