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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    continuation from previous (yesterday).

    Yes terday I let a 45 year old man I knew fuck me. It was my first time getting fucked. I date girls and have a girlfriend that I fuck. After I came back to my room in my parents house I wrote the confession. I liked it, it hurt a bit going in, but he gave me time to get used to it and it was a really nice feeling having his long cock, but thin, moving in and out of me slowly at first then faster, and then ramming into me and holding it all the way in while he shot his sperm into me.

    Last night I went out with my girlfriend and we were back at her parents in her room, her parents weren't coming back until very late. As I was fucking her I kept thinking that I had a mans cock inside my body just 10 or 12 hours before that. I kept thinking of the feeling of his cock moving in and out just as I was moving my cock in and out of her body, though in her pussy. I was sucking on her tits and my nipples could actually feel him sucking on my nipples, gentle suction in and out, I was repeating what he did to me. I had given my 17 year old girlfriend one orgasm with my mouth and tongue, and she'd just had another being fucked, I asked her if I could put it in her butt. That is nothing strange for us, I've been fucking her in all three of her holes for about 10 months now. she agreed and asked if I wanted her on her back and pull up her legs, or roll over on her stomach. I asked her to roll over. Now I was doing to her exactly what he did to me and it's all I could think about. I came inside her butt in a few minutes. All the time thinking about the feeling of him doing the same thing to me. I love fucking girls/women, I always have preferred it to the one guy I fucked 3 times, but I couldn't shake the feeling of him sucking on my nipples and actually fucking me.

    This morning I went back to his house, he invited me in and I was hemming and hawing, not knowing how to ask him if he wanted to fuck me again. I asked if I could go to the bathroom and I came out naked holding the tube of lotion he used as lube on me yesterday. In his bedroom he started with me on my belly, then asked me to roll over. I pulled up my legs like my girlfriend does to give me access to her asshole instead of her pussy. He was on top of me, between my legs which I wrapped around him as she does me so often, his mouth began the slow, in/out sucking that I found I really like on my nipples. I got fucked for a glorious 45 minutes before he blasted inside me. During the sex I found myself tensing up in my abdomen twice. I felt like I was cuming but nothing was shooting out of my cock. I was actually having an orgasm internally with a cock fucking inside my body. Using my body for his pleasure.

    After, I went to the toilet and was sitting there emptying myself of his sperm and he came in, started the shower.
    While the water was getting warm he took a small Fleet bottle and had me stand up and gave me a small enema, saying it would clean me out best. I evacuated the water and all else, and he opened the shower door inviting me in. We washed each other and with some soap on his middle finger, he got on his knees in front of me and sucked me with his finger in my butt moving along my prostate. I had never had that before, and it was incredible. I came like never before and he swallowed it all. After, I was sucking him on the bed and he fucked me again. I didn't empty this time, I came back home and in my room am here again with a 45 year old mans sperm inside my body. I don't have to hem and haw anymore, he will fuck me everyday I want, anytime I want. When I go with my girlfriend tonight I'm going to get her to suck me while her finger moves on my prostate. He's asked me to come to his house after I'm done tonight, and not to wash my cock off from her pussy juice. I want his cock so badly. I need it, I need to feel that internal cum again. I'm going to spend the night with him, but he warned me in the morning he'll want to be sucked and I must swallow. I will . . . another first.

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    You filthy disgusting fag. Did he stick his tongue up your bum hole
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    When I was 15 I gave my ass to a guy I knew was Gay for he lived just across the street from our house and I would see guys always going in but no women and figured they were gay or drug dealers and one afternoon I got invited in for a ice cold pop and I accepted he offered me 5 his of the stuff and I didn't know better but to late now. Well within 10 minutes I was getting my clothes taken off of me and there I was nude before 6 big logger men and they had their hands all over me turning me on then one guy started in playing with my ass hole touching me inside making me squirm on him what wasn't planned for all 6 of the guys fucked my virgin ass and I fell in love having hard co ck deep in my ass when they cum. Ivan a big Russian fucked me three times cumming in me all the time, God he has a massive cock and I didn't know but I took him all yea all 13 inches if him buried deep in my ass when he filled me with his cum, I became Ivan's personal whore just for him day and night he wanted me and he got me.

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