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    One time my mother in law was staying the week with us. Every morning we would all have breakfast with each other. My wife and me both worked so my MIL was home alone. I had took Friday off from work but we all still has breakfast together that morning. My wife left for work and it was just me and her mother having a coffee. Her mother left the kitchen and said she would be back in a minute. She returned but not like she was earlier. She was naked. I tried to ignore it but when she asked if I noticed anything different about her I stated she was naked and asked why. She smiled and came over to me and pulled my pajama bottoms down. She then began sucking my cock and told me she was showing me why. I couldn't believe what she was doing to me and was too in disbelief to stop it. The more she did it the less in disbelief I was but it was feeling better and better making it hard to stop her. Then I couldn't control myself and threw her on our kitchen island and began fucking her with my cock she had stiffened up. She had her lags wrapped around me as I fucked her and was enjoying it as much as I was. Once done she said she was just wanting to give me a blowjob and didn't expect me to do what I did but wasn't complaining. She then asked how my wife would feel about what I just did. I didn't know how to answer and she said it was best she didn't know. A few hours later she is still naked and tells me to do it again. I tell her we better not. She tells me we do it again or else someone finds out. I felt blackmailed and there we were fucking again. We had a shower afterwards before my wife got home and made no mention of what we did that day.

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    Has she started talking about another visit? Is her pussy still tight? Do you look forward to fucking her again?

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