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    Straight Male / 54

    My Name Is âBabiedâ; In my dream, I am clothed in an adult baby pink fleece diaper and baby pink fleece footed pajamas, lying on my queen size bed. It is late at night, and I begin to hear Slurping, And Gurgling Breathing, And I sleepily glance at the ceiling, and see a giant, Baby Pink Fleece mass of material, all over the ceiling! The mass is Inflating, And Deflating,Over And Over,And With Each Inflation And Deflation, I Can Hear Air Hissing, As She Is Excited To Know That I Lie Beneath Her! I stare at the baby pink mass, feeling my sexual excitement, Uncontrollably Wetting My Diaper And Pajamas, My Sexual Excitement growing, And The Fleecy Baby Pink Mass Senses My Excitement, And Drops Down Over Me, I Go Wild, With Sexual Excitement, And The Fleecy Mass Very Quickly, Covers Me, And Engulfs Me Completely, As I Scream, Kick, Squirm, Scratch, And Claw At The Heavenly Baby Pink Softness! Once Deep Inside Her, I Realize That She Is A Fleecy Hungry Mother Blob, And Wants Me As Food! Then The Strangest Sensation Begins:She Not Only Thickens, And Tightens Over Me, But Seals Air Tight, Intending To First Suffocate, And Then Digest And Absorb Me. My Movements Grow, Weak, And A Camera Is Introduced Hovering Over Us, And Recording Everything! The camera Sees My Hands, Wildly Scratching Pinkness, My Upturned Face Presses Against The Outer Baby Pink Fleecy Blob Layer, My Mouth Opens And Closes, Trying To Get Air, As My Legs Kick, And I Squirm In Ecstacy, As My Air Is Pulled From My Lungs! Mother Fleece Blob Now Gows Wild With Sexual Excitement, Soaking Her Fleecy Interior âWith Digestive Juicesâ, And The Digestive Process Begins! At first there is only Pink Sticky Suction, But,It Now Renders Me Numb, And The Camera âShows my Movements To ResistâBecoming Slower, And The Camera Now Shows my Shape Becoming More And More Faint, More And More Unrecognizable, âAs My Molecular Structure Is Converted To More Baby Pink Fleece! I Scream âOne Last Time, And Lose Consciousness, And Now Mama Blobâs Interior Is Completely Full Of Pink Liquid, And She Puffs Outward, And Sucks Inward, Again, Ravenously Enjoying What Her Digestive Juices Have Given Her: My Fleecy Pink Lifeless, Liquifying Body! The camera âShows My Shape Disappearing Forever, Becoming Part Of A Bigger Mama Blob, Who Is Sexually Satisfied âI Am Now Hers Forever And Ever!!

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    Babied Has Truly Worded A Very Inviting Sex Fantasy! The thought of a camera filming a fleece blob feeding on a man, who is helplessly struggling within its fleecy mass, Is Enormously Inviting, And overwhelmingly Seductive! I Wish The Man In The Story Were ME!

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