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    Straight Male / 43

    Just after I turned 18 I did something stupid and was put in state prison. Had I still been a juvenile I would not have been sent up. But it's not like I planned it. I was big for my age and nobody messed with me in county jail. After I was transferred to prison I was assigned as a cellblock porter for my work detail during orientation. The detail sergeant was a retired veteran. He stayed fit and carried himself like he was still in the military. He was black and didn't show any favoritism toward black prisoners like others. One day he told me that he was going to make me a night porter for some projects. I was tasked with cleaning some storage rooms and offices. During count I had to stay wherever I was and he would guard me. The first couple of nights were normal. After that he started talking a lot about dicks, cocks, queers and other gay stuff. He said stuff like how many guys he has known to turn into cocksuckers after getting locked up. Several days later he asked me if I have got my dick sucked yet. He told me to be honest, it's nobody's business what's said or done between us. He then asked if anybody has wanted me to suck thier dick. I immediately said no. He shocked me by asking if I am interested in sucking a dick. He said it's okay, tell him the truth. I admitted that it has crossed my mind. He asked how much I peter gaze in the showers. I answered some. He then asked me what dicks I look at. I was too embarrassed to answer. At that point he pulled out a magazine from his desk and told me here are some dicks to check out. It was a gay magazine. Out of reflex I took it from him and checked it out. I had never seen a gay mag before. I forgot about him, I was getting aroused checking it out. When he spoke I realized that he was standing next to me. He asked me to show him a dick I like. I wasn't in the mood to lie. It was a black guy's. He asked if I peter gaze in the showers at black dicks. I was honest and said yes. He asked if I want to suck a black dick. I shook my head yes. He told me to say it. Being turned on I said I want to suck a black dick. He told me to tell him more. Being turned on, I let it all out of the bag. I told him that I have wondered how it felt to get a dick in my mouth. I like the idea. Ever since I got locked up I started fantasizing about it. I want to suck a dick. I really want to suck a black guy's dick. Without really thinking about it I blurted that I would suck his dick. He said say it again. I was getting off on talking about it myself. I said put your black dick in my mouth and let me suck my first cock. I was hoping that you would want me to suck your dick when you started talking about queers and cocks so much. I said make me a queer with your black cock. As soon as he pulled out his cock I did not hesitate sucking my first dick in prison. I engulfed it. I put my hands on his butt and made my fantasies come true. There was no way I was going to let him cum anywhere but in my mouth. In my fantasies what turned me on most was having a dick cum in my mouth. The real thing was even more amazing. Talk about super hot. After that I sucked his dick a lot. I confess that being put in prison turned me into a cocksucker.

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    Brings back memories. I was a little older than you on my first stint. From the get go I was set on fooling around with other men. Nobody would have to force me. I actually sucked off two men before another man sucked my dick in return. From my personal experiences half the population is sucking dick and the other half is getting fucked in the ass. Everybody does something but it's not a topic of conversation. During all my stints in the joint I met one man after another who wanted to suck dick for the first time. I was a known cocksucker and I cannot tell you how many men who approached me under the pretense of sucking their dick, but also wanted to try sucking dick for the first time. They all were worried about nobody finding out that they sucked my dick. They are some of the best cocksuckers in the joint starting out. I rarely get a chance to play with another man on the streets. Do you still suck dick?
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    You had it easy. When I went to prison at 18 I was getting my ass plowed by my cell mate every night fir the 7 months I was in prison. Thankfully he didnt have a huge cock, it still hurt like crazy the first few times.
    Every night at lights out heâd bend me over, plow my ass, cum in me then get back in his bed. On my last day he filled my ass with his cum before I left.

    He was an older guy, first night there he told me he was gonna fuck me
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    I feel for you bro. I seen how it messed up the minds of some guys. I thank my lucky stars that I wasn't r**ed.
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    I truly can mess with a guy. Plenty gave it happen to them and some get it worse than others. That was many years ago so I donât let it bother me that it happened, really if you look at it I guess I was kinda lucky. It was only one guy doing that to me where others had multiple guys doing it to them.

    Did you have the fear it would happen to you?
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    It's too bad it is a taboo subject to discuss, even among men it happened to. There is something ther**eutic about getting it off your chest and out in the open without judgment.

    I was fearful from the start. I heard tons of stories in the county jail. I was terrified of getting gang r**ed. Since I was no badass and I just wanted to do my time and go home, I told myself to do what I had to do to survive and not get hurt. In the beginning I thought that I could give up my ass. Not knowing how it could happen I thought better of it. That's when I began contemplating giving head to make it easy on me. It became an obsession. In the showers I seen guys and wondered if they would be the one to want to r**e me. Over time I thought less about who might r**e me and more about whose dick I would suck. Some of the guys in the showers with hardons made me aroused. I would fantasize about it when I jacked off. It was only a matter of time before I did the did. As the saying goes, you can't r**e the willing.

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    True, I guess you have to be willing to do things to survive that you normally wouldnât do. I wasnât warned by anyone on county jail or In intake in prison of what actually happens in prison. The first time my cell mate did it it was more forceful and me only being 18 at the time and not big I knew I couldnât fight.

    After the first few nights I just realized I might have to do something I donât want to do in order to survive. I also figured itâd be much easier if I was willing to let my cellmate do it. I was in fear a gang of guys would do it to me and knew that would be hell.

    When my cell mate told me I should just get used to him in my ass so that my time goes by easier. And he said itâs either his dick or he knows a few other big dick guys that would love me.

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