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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    In my college freshman year I was pledged by a sorority that was known for its wildness and it would always try to keep the reputation going. A small fraction of the girls decided to have a contest to see how many of the football players they could fuck and each had to take a cam photo for proof. I was not chosen nor volunteered. I did some goofy things but that was beyond my last pale.

    What puzzled me is that the girl who out-fucked everyone was mostly Lesbian. I know because she went down on me a number of times. She used to tell me that her tongue made her hotter than her clit. I used to hold her head tight when I got close and I could feel her teeth on my pussy when I pushed down and gripped her head. She loved being down on me when I came.

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    What have you done to maintain your sorority's image as the wild bunch?
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    I think abandoning herself to a hot lesbian is plenty wild if she, herself is not Gay. I also suspect that the wild stuff ends when we leave college, as it did in my case.

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    #2, she already said in her description that she is bisexual, so her lesbian activities with her sorority sister don't seem to be wild unless they performed for an audience.

    The implication I drew from the term was that they collectively or individually did things out of the sexual norm that were known or rumored by the campus at large.

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