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    Lesbian Female / 33

    Ten years ago when I went to work at the company where I have a job I met a girl a year older than me. We became friends and she showed the ropes. On one occasion I was at her place and this old boyfriend of hers came by and we ended up in a three way sleepover. I kissed her privates and she kissed my privates, and we ended up sleeping in the same bed after he left.

    She wanted to see if what we had done was a one time thing or if that is what we really wanted to do. She kissed and ate my privates and made me reach orgasm. She then asked me to do the same. This was the day after, and she wanted me to eat her privates with his stuff still in her. I washed her out first and cleaned her up, I spent a long time grooming her, doing anything I could to postpone going down on her. Finally I ran out of excuses and just went down with my eyes closed and I got very horny and mounted her face while I finished eating her.

    I have been responsible for grooming her ever since, she lays quietly on a towel while I use the scissors and a razor to groom her until I like how she looks. I don't like putting my mouth on stubble so I always leave a nice patch on her. I love smelling her. I love setting her down after work or after she has been to the gym and opening her legs and smelling her through her panties. The smell and taste of her after she has showered or taken a bath doesn't do anything for me.

    Other than my vice for her wet panties we are pretty normal, our sex life is fairly active and we tend to include lots of cuddling and touching, and lots of kissing, maybe that is why we never finish a show on TV.

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