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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 31

    My husband Nick sold my pussy and ass to our landlord only months after we got married. He'd lost his job and we were desperate for money and a roof over our head. Over a two month period that Nick knew about, I went to his bed and fucked him until he literally slept. It paid off our arrears and gave us some money going forwards. What my husband didn't know, is I carried on having sex with our landlord for a little while, even after we moved out.
    There was a gap of three years and again this past year we hit a financial hick up. Nick never said anything about me servicing his debts, but I've resolved the issue by allowing his boss to visit our home when Nick's been on his night shifts.
    His boss Ray who's fifty four, is a beefy type of guy who has a massive fat cock. He's also the dirtiest bastard I've ever had sex with. In the last eleven months I've done everything and then some to please Ray, and have absolutely no plans whatsoever to stop having sex with him. Hopefully soon he'll have Nick working away most Friday nights. it#ll give us the time and chance for me to take his huge cock in my mouth, pussy and asshole. The last of which I adore him fucking.
    If Nick could get a better job, then maybe I wouldn't have to fuck his boss. Having said that I'm happy enough to stay at home and have Ray visit me as much as he wants.

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    Does Ray consider you his personal whore? Fuck you rough? Call you degrading names when he fucks you? Does it turn you on to be so dependent on his good graces while you submit to him?
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    Why not change the husband instead? What a shameless fellow.
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    This is how you and your husbands Boss wind up on dateline full of holes. Just divorce him.

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