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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I think I became Bi Sexual because of many fetishes that I have. I love high heel, sexy knee high and thig high boots. Leather, and especially latex arouse me. Makeup, long red nails just make me quiver.

    I tried my best to find a woman to wear these things, at least some of these fetish things that I love. I want to have sex with a woman dressed up, lingerie, stockings, heels, boots, etc. I found a few women that would satisfy my fetish needs in the bedroom and several that just refused.

    Before they shut down Craigslist Personals, I began to look at the CD and Tranny sections for some unknown reason. There were hundreds of these folks with pictures of them dressed like women and some dressed up like hookers. Sexy outfits and heels or boots to go along with their attire. Lots of makeup, some extreme makeup.

    When I couldn't find a woman to satisfy my fetish, I decided to contact these folks. The only thing was these people had cocks and I never gave any thought to having another hard dick in bed besides my own.

    My first experience was with a very passable CD. She was native American and had long black hair, no wig was needed. She dressed the part of a street whore, platform boot, skirt up to her ass and a bulge inside her lace panties.

    She wasn't shy about who she was and acted like a total slut to match her outfit. Before I knew it, I had her cock in my mouth and we took turns blowing each other before I put her onto her fours and fucked her ass until I blasted my load deep inside of her. I watched her jerk off and seeing her cum actually aroused me, which I never expected.

    From then on I had the fetish sex I always wanted. Sometimes I could find that woman who would satisfy my needs, sometimes it would be a CD or a Tranny from Craigslist. One thing I found out quickly, most of those folks are into the own kink. Most are submissive and they are looking for a Dom to top them, bondage play was something a lot of them desired.

    It didn't take me long to get into that scene, if that's what they wanted, it was fine with me. They were dressed the way I needed them to be and we always got off with our own fantasies and fetishes.

    What I love about it is the fact that there is no embarrassment between us after it's over. We didn't do anything that either of us didn't want. We weren't forced to dress or perform just to make the other person happy.

    Mostly I have sex with Cd's and Trans people now. I have given up on trying to explain my fetishes to any future female bed partner. It doesn't matter how beautiful the woman is lying in my bed, I cannot get hard with a totally naked woman.

    It works perfectly for me and the other person I'm with. We both know why we are together and there is no need to explain our kinks or fetishes to each other.

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    You became bi because you are a Gaylord cock sucking spunk gobbler. Fact.
    No other reason.

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