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    Straight Female / 28

    I never had a real boyfriend before and I never been in a relationship with a man before and I never been kissed by a guy before because I am really really shy and introvert. So I have been single all my life, I wish I would find a man that would love me for what I am. I think there is nothing wrong with my appereance, I am self conscious that there is a problem about my attitude towards men, I blame myself for being shy, and I think I push men away acting like this not being very friendly. Honestly I don't know how to talk with guys how to arouse them with my charms which I don't have. Perhaps I am not interesting enough to make a guy want me, desire me and fight for me..I don't know really what the problem men probably don't want a boring gf. I was always the type of good girl that always did what others expected from her to do, respected everyone and talked only when I was asked. So I have grown into an adult with emotional problems, an adult who has fears and panic attacks thatI will be forever alone, I guess I don't have faith in myself I need to believe that everything will be ok eventually...

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    Without knowing anything about you, I'm still sure you'll be fine; there will ALWAYS be someone down for a relationship w/ you (7+ billion people on earth after all).

    About your fears and panic attacks, honestly, are you sure you're getting enough Vitamin D? Not even joking, I started taking 5,000IU of Vitamin D a day and my mood really stabilized.

    That aside, work on yourself and enjoy life. You'd be surprised how quickly people gravitate toward you when you aren't looking (but remain open to possibilities) and are just enjoying living.

    If your post isn't real, congrats you just got a reply anyways.
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    My post is 100% real. I know how it may seem because it's hard to believe that a 28 year old woman was never with a man before. Oh well, yeah sometimes this may happen not everyone is meant to be in a relationship having a happy couple life. And to be honest sometimes I feel more depressed than ever to see all the happy couples around me.Sometimes I fell that I can't anymore with this.
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    I would love to get to know you.
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    How could I do that?
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    How could you get to know me?
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    How can I relax when I feel so tensed and frustrated? My whole body hurts sometimes, I feel my muscles sore and ocasionally I have nightmares at night and I wake up crying.
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    A good fucking would help, thatâs for sure

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