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    Gay Male / 48

    In February 1974 I was driving from El Paso to Dallas after I was discharged from the Army. I had a '69 Olds 442 and I was doing 95 when I got pulled over by the highway patrol outside of Big Springs. The speed limit was 55 and I was doing 40 over the speed limit so I was hauled in to the county courthouse. The JP was no where to be found at that time of the afternoon so I was put away in the once cell in the county courthouse.

    I won't go into all the details, I got hit up side the head with his fist and fucked by the night cop on duty and fucked good. I got his whole dick shoved up my ass. I had spent 18 months in the Army, seven of those in Viet Nam and the rest in El Paso. I knew a lot of guys who ended up sucking another man's dick and getting fucked up the ass, I just never believed it would happen to me. Of all the things that had happened to me up to that time, nothing came close to feeling so good. That felt good and he knew it and he shoved it in deeper.

    The next morning when I was supposed to go up and see the JP and get my fine the cop told me that I had two choices, face the consequences or suck him off and make him feel good and he would put in a good word for me with the JP and I would probably get off with a fine. If the JP took it upon himself to sentence me he could give me up to thirty days for endangering the public. I didn't suck him because he was going to talk to the JP for me, I sucked him because I wanted to. I sucked him and he got relief getting his stuff all over my hair, face and shirt, my first time. He slapped my wet face with his hand and licked it off afterwards and told me he was going to go see what he could do for me.

    I got a hundred dollar fine, a lot of money in those days, all I had on me was $175 and that had to get me to Dallas, food and gas. I gave the JP the hundred and the JP told the cop to escort me out to the freeway and make sure that I left the county. On the way the cop told me to stop at the Esso station and he got out and pumped a tank of gas for me and told me that should get me to Dallas or close to it if I watched my speed. He followed me until I went past the county line and waved me on.

    It was a while before I met this Kirby salesman in Dallas at a bar and we went up to his hotel room and I got fucked good a slow after a blowing him for a while. That night I got on all fours and let him come up to me from behind and stick his dick in me and it felt so good I whined and moaned for him. He gave me twenty five bucks and told me to get the hell out of there. For the next couple of years I worked at Love field as a baggage handler and sucked and fucked a good number of pilots. For me it was pilots, I never went along with a flight attendant or groundcrew, I had my standards.

    Anyhow, I am an old man now and I still love getting my mouth on a hard one, and when the opportunity presents itself I enjoy getting on all fours waiting for the fireworks to start.

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    Whoo Whee ! Nice ! Wish I had the part of sucking and fucking. Never been fucked yet, but sure do love sucking a hard cock and getting a mouthful. Keep on sucking and fucking while you can. I'm 75 now, married, have medical issues and --- love cock. Thanks.
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    Get some self respect you pair of turds

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