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    Straight Female / 48

    In the tenth grade our group decided that no one should be a virgin. We were paired up, a virgin boy with a virgin girl, and the remaining virgin girls given to the experienced boys. The boys got to pick the girl, the girl didn't get to pick. The event was scheduled for Halloween that year. We all went to this boy's house whose parents were out of town.

    The virgin girls were lined up, and first the virgin boys picked, then for the rest of us the experienced boys picked. We were told to undress and lay down on the sheet on the floor. The boys unbuckled their pants and got down on their knees in front of us. We were told to open our legs and the boys got on. In a minute we weren't virgins, every girl had to swear we had been 'vaccinated' against virginity. After it was over a couple of the girls cried quietly, they were hugged and held by the stronger girls.

    No one had to become boyfriend/girlfriend and we weren't expected to give ourselves to the boy who had vaccinated us, but we clung to the boy, it was impossible not to fall in love. Some boys went on to college and some of us followed them, some boys went to work or into the service, the girls got married one by one with the college girls getting married as we graduated.

    I never had eyes for any other boy. He felt trapped, but he kept me honest and married me.

    It was a really bad idea, really bad. You fell in love in a minute, the minute you received him. The boys talked tough but we were their sisters, cousins, neighbors. My brother married his girl of that night and he made sure my boy married me. No girl got left behind.

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    What the dickens is this claptrap all about. Sounds like rubbish to me.
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    What tribe do you belong?

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