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    Straight Male / 18

    When I was 15 I was seduced and bedded by three older women who were neighbours in the street where I lived, I use the word seduced lightly because I helped them believe me, I was not forced against my will, because I willingly took part, it was actually four women, but one of them was my auntie, who'm I've already told everyone on here about and what happened with her.

    The first one of my neighbours to get her wicked way with me was in her late 50's, she was a widow and on her own, she had a bit of a reputation locally, which I never found out if it was true or not, but I used to hear my late dad tell my mum about this woman and what she got up to in the local club.

    I lived in a sort of cul de sac, which had an alleyway/ pathway/ come single track road that a small car and motorbikes could get through, It was surrounded on both sides by a high hedge.

    My parents house ( my home ) was to the right of this hedge where the road met the alleyway, face on it would be in roughly the two oclock position, the alleyway had a dog leg to the left, the 1st woman's house was at the start of the alleyway at the bottom on the right as it joined the road, the second woman was her next door neighbour, neighbour ( or woman ) no 3, lived further down the street.

    One night I had been out at my friends, and I decided to cut across the waste ground that adjoined the alleyway and the path that took you to the next street up, rather than go the longer way round by road. I was dying on the toilet and my bladder was groaning but I thought I could make it home, unfortunately I couldn't, and I really had to stop and urinate in the hedge, the relief was instant I can tell you.

    Once I had finished I turned to pull my trousers up ( I had to drop them to my knees or I would have soaked them in urine, because I was literally pissing my pants )and got the fright of my life, as this neighbour of mine in the first house was standing, because she had came along the next street up, and came down the path to the alleyway, as it was nearer her home.

    I just stood there like a rabbit in a cars headlights, holding my cock in one hand, and trying to pull up my jeans with the other. The woman just said to me ' good job the hedge is covering you, and no one apart from me can see your meat and two veg, in saying that your better hung than a few men I know, and there's a few women about here would like you to put that in them, me being one of them ' and at that away she went to her house.

    I didn't know what to say or do, I thought she will tell my mum, then she will tell my dad, and then I will get a doing. But she didn't say anything to my parents, I must admit I wondered why, but I found out why about two weeks later.

    The neighbour had locked herself out of her house, and she was asking if anyone had a loan of a ladder, so she could climb in through the bathroom window. My dad said 'yes I have but I will get my lazybones son ( me ) to climb up and in for you. So sure enough I was volunteered for the job, so having been pushed in the direction of the house armed with this ladder, off I went.

    So having managed to get the ladder in place beneath the toilet window up I went, I got the window open and through I went into the bathroom which was fine, but my trouser leg caught on the tap of hand basin and I went headlong into the bath, which was half filled with water and some sheets that were soaking there.

    Once I had gotten out of the bath I didn't know what to do ? So I just ran downstairs and opened the door for my neighbour, and then ran back to the bathroom, where I attempted to wring out the water from my clothes. The woman appeared and she asked what happened ? So I explained it all to her, which she thought was quite funny, it didn't seem funny to me though.

    She then said to me you will have to give me those ( my clothes ) and I will dry them for you, and I wasn't for doing so, so she said listen you showed me your cock a couple of weeks ago so there's nothing much else you to show me, so me drying your clothes isn't a big deal.

    So I gave her my clothes and she gave me a towel to wear, and away she went with my clothes, I didn't really know what to do, so I went downstairs, my neighbour was putting my clothes on the radiators to dry them, when she looked up and saw me, so she said just sit on the sofa til your clothes are dry, and in the meantime I will make you a cuppa.

    I played a lot of football at that time, and I trained 5 days a week for at least 3 hours a day, so I was quite fit, anyway once the woman came from the kitchen with a tray and tea and some biscuits for both of us. She sat in the chair opposite me and the way she sat down her skirt rode up a little bit to reveal a nice pair of legs , which I couldn't keep my eyes off, which was leading to stirrings in my groin area.

    I'm not sure if she had noticed me looking ( ogling ) at her legs but she subtly changed her posture and crossed her legs, showing me that there is a heaven after all. Then suddenly she hit me with 'are you a virgin ' ? I was taken aback a little bit so I truthfully said no, because my auntie had took my cherry a few months earlier.

    She proceeded to put her feet on the coffee table showing off her sexy pins, and I just blurted out 'what a great pair of legs ' she said do you think so and I replied yes, I do.

    Next thing is she's over beside me and she's unbuttoned her blouse, and she whispered in my ear' you have made me very horny, esp because I have seen what's beneath the towel, and I would like to see more, at that she grabbed the towel and off it came, she just gasped and said it looks bigger in the lamplight.

    She said to me I want to see that hard, I flippantly said it would be nice and hard if she was naked, next thing she said ' right ' and took my hand pulled me off the sofa and said ' come with me ' and she took me upstairs to her bedroom, she then said ' so you want to see me naked ? well you can, so help me get these things off I e her clothes, so I helped her get naked in two minutes, and I can honestly say wow what a body she had for a 50 something, and best of all she had a nice mound of hair, by this time my cock is tiff as a board and throbbing like hell.

    She then said come over on to the bed with me which I eagerly did, all I could see were these great pair of tits great legs and a hairy pussy, and my cock was about bursting, she lay on her back and spread her thighs and said to me get that stiff cock of yours into my pussy its soaking and waiting for you, so naturally I mounted her and I came quite quickly spurting a load deep inside her.

    Strange thing is I didn't really go soft because she kept massaging my balls and about 20 minutes later I was back hard, throbbing and this time I was on her for nearly an hour culminating in me filling her again with a load of hot thick creamy spunk. I continued to shag her for a good few years after that too, til she moved in with her daughter in the next town.

    Woman No 2 the next door neighbour of woman No 1 seduced me a couple of months later, my mum and dad had a house party and all ( well most ) of the nearby neighbours were there. Woman No21 was quite pissed, her hubby had buggered off somewhere with the hubby of another neighbour and they both didn't come back til the following day,
    I never quite found out what was going on there, but there were utterings shall we say. As I said the woman was quite pissed, eventually she wanted go home and would I help her.

    So off we went towards her house and when we got there I opened the door for her, she proceeded to fall on her arse, so I picked her up and carried her inside, and into the living room. As I put her down on the sofa her skirt came up revealing stockings and suspenders, my eyes nearly popped out of my head, and she had on white panties and I could see the dark triangle of hair through them. I've gotten a stiffy there and then, which she clearly saw, and she decided to help her self to it, by pulling down my zip and hauling my cock out my pants, which she then started sucking. I thought ok and put my hands inside her blouse to fell her ample tits.

    She got up and led me upstairs to the bedroom and promptly stripped me naked, so I reciprocated and then we got on the bed and I shagged her remorselessly cos I was sober, I pumped her full twice and we both fell asleep only for her to wake me up by straddling me and playing with my cock til it was hard when she squatted down on it , taking it up to the hilt, I think I lasted about 10 minutes before I emptied my balls in her again. I still got a bit from her now and again when hubby disappeared with his ' boyfriend ' for a night.

    Woman number 3 came about because my dad was on the committee of the local hall for its upkeep and putting on events. Someone had hired the hall for an event and this woman was part of the woman's group who did the catering. My dad had asked me to help out, and he delegated me to the kitchen and stores to help lift the heavy boxes and stuff like that. It was a hot summers day, and I was perspiring like I had been in a shower, so I stripped down to my vest top and shorts that I had on under my trackie bottoms.

    Woman number 3 whom I will call Nan ( this is close as I can get to her real name )commented on how muscular and strong I looked, I was a wee bit embarrassed or bashful if that's the word. We had been there a couple of hours sorting everything out and all that was left to do was sort out the tables and table tops etc Nan and me were tasked with getting them from the storage room, so off we both went, she was teasing me about my muscles particularly my legs, I said ( what people would call a pass )they're nowhere near as sexy as yours, and she just stopped and said ' do you really think so ? ' I replied of course, she got a wee bit red faced at this.

    We got to the storeroom and opened the door and went in to pick up the table linen, and Nan said to me ' would you believe it there's a bloody bed in here ' then she said in a laugh ' it must be the night watchman's '. Once we got the linen that we needed we headed back to the hall, and the table linen was laid on the tables, the catering had been done, and the hall was ready for the event.

    There were one or two other finishing touches to be done, so my dad just said we can do this later, but the women wanted it finished, so my dad said well he can help you and when its done you can lock up and give him ( me ) the keys,and he can give them to me, and off he went.

    There wasn't really much else for me to do so I sat out on the steps in the foyer next to the kitchen, I could hear the women talking and laughing and giggling, and I heard Nan say I wonder where he's ( me ) went to ? One of the women said to Nan you lucky bitch you've been working with the young stud all day while we have been stuck with the old farts, and everyone laughed, Nancy said ' I don't know about young stud but I wish I was 20 years younger cos I would give him what for ' again they all laughed, then one of them said 'aye he's got some body on him I bet he could go all night , unlike Bert who lasts 5 minutes if I'm lucky '

    Now hearing this I'm beginning to get curious as to what is going on so I crept closer to the kitchen door, and Nan said ' guess what there's a bed in the store room we came across it when we went for the table linen' one of the women said ' and you came back here after being in there alone with Muscles I e me, well if that had been me I would have jumped him senseless ' Nan said ' oh believe me the thought did cross my mind, but there wouldn't have been much time'

    One of my friends turned up at the hall, and I told him what I had heard the women say, his eyes just opened wide and he said to me ' get in there you lucky sod cos I would believe me ' I just laughed and said ' I wish ' so we sat on the steps and we were talking about women and sex and I said to my mate ' that woman Nan in there has got such a sexy pair of legs I wouldn't mind her wrapping them round me, but knowing my luck I would get the chance see her naked and come in my pants ' unknown to me Nan heard this, my mate then said he had to go and about 5 mins later the women came out the kitchen and went home, Nan said I will go up the road with him ( me ) and give him the keys, so off they went, Nan though had other ideas, because she said to me ' We need to check everything before I lock the hall up ' so I just said fine and went inside with her.

    Of course Nan had no intention of checking anything because she had already done so, because once we were inside the hall she stopped and just said to me 'So you make a pass at me, and then you tell your mate you would love me to wrap my legs round you ' I just got an immediate red face, and tried to bluster my way out, but she said come here and headed to the store room, where she opened the door and shoved me in, and then came in and locked it. She said to me its 12.30 pm there wont be anyone here until 6.30pm so we have 6 hours to kill what do you suggest we can kill those hours doing ' and gestured towards the bed.

    She then hauled my vest top off me, and quickly pulled down my shorts, so I pulled her towards me and started unbuttoning her blouse, she unzipped her short skirt and let it fall to the floor, and then pulled my boxers down and off me.

    I relieved her of her bra and pants, and we spent the next 3 hours having nothing but pure lustful sex, I came in her 3 times. Nan was a married woman though, but she said to me ' listen married or not I'm not just doing this today, I want a lot more, and I mean a lot more, so we continued to have sex when the opportunity arose for years, and we still do because Nan is only 56, and her body has not changed much in all that time, shes still a looker believe me.

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