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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Within the business I'm in, you cannot be squeamish when it comes to getting over the line with a deal. If you are, you'll find there are many others who will underscore your validity and take your potential hard earned money.
    It was a hard lesson I learned three years ago, only months after getting married. I lost a hell of lot of money, money which would have been able to set my wife and I up in a new home. I vowed that day, it would never happen again.

    Eight months after that stupidly failed deal, I was invited to a hotel to meet with a client who knew about my attributes, and who also wanted to settle on a very favorable deal. His proposition basically included me following him up to his very expensive room and using my talents to fuck him.

    I was a straight man who was married and had a wife who was expecting our first child. I also knew if I didn't go through with my part in nailing the deal and his asshole, I'd be back to square one and miss out on the finances again. Finances that would enable us to move from the shitty neighborhood we were in.

    Joining the sixty four year old in his hotel room, I allowed him to lower my trousers, rip off my boxers and then take my cock into his mouth. All the time I had my eyes closed and tried to imagine it was a pretty girl beginning to suck on my cock, but that in itself would still have been cheating on my wife. So I opened my eyes and watched that man lick, suck and practically devour my fully erect cock. He was so good at giving head, I found myself holding his hair and fucking his mouth. Which in turn made my cock respond and want to fuck him. Ordering him to kneel on the bed, I got the lube he'd brought with him, smeared it all over his married ass and plunged every inch of my cock up his asshole in one long thrust.

    In a fifteen minute period I fucked that much older man as hard as I'd ever fucked any female, and it began to feel amazing. He took it doggy, on his back and then I spooned him, tossing his little fat cock at the same time. He came all over the quilt within minutes, but I carried on fucking him. When eventually I did want to cum, I let him know and he told me, ordered me to cum up his ass. In a series of shuddering thrusts, I shot every drop of my cum up his asshole and held onto him making damn sure he took it.

    Five weeks later my wife and I moved out of our then home and into a new one. And I knew right then you cannot be squeamish about getting the job done.

    Over the following months I visited that hotel at least once a week and fucked my business gentleman with every inch of my cock. He loved nothing more than for me to dominate him, and dominate him I did with my oversized penis. Each time I fucked him there would be an envelope on the side for me, plus a new chapter in our furthered deal.
    In all before we settled our final deal with a overnight sex session, I fucked him more than thirty times, and every time he took my entire length up his grandfathers asshole.

    By then I was also fucking another client. Someone who I still fuck to this day. He's an entrepreneur who along with his wife indulges in bisexual sex. His wife never fucks other men, but does enjoy having other women when her husband is being fucked by me. We always have sex in the same room and every time she encourages me to fuck her husband mercilessly. I do so and thoroughly enjoy giving him a rough time. The one part she does include herself in, is having me cum up his asshole, then licking and sucking out my cum from his ass and feeding it to him as they kiss. It's a way I suppose of them staying together during our sex sessions.

    Two and a half years now I've been fucking clients. They've all known beforehand I have a very large cock and they're all married men. My sexual/health status, other than the first time, is now checked thoroughly by the men I fuck. It's not a nice process per say I guess, but then the men who I fuck are very wealthy and powerful, and I always have the results back ultra quick.

    Don't get me wrong here, it's not an every day event and I'm not having gay sex in crappy hotel or motel rooms. The men I fuck are very deliberate about who and when. And it's been a very lucrative way for me to ensure my clients get exactly what they want. And ten really thick inches is precisely what they want.

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    I can truely identify with your confession and thanl you for sharing. There are a lot more biesexual men than one might imagine and, like you, I lucked into the married, profesisonal bisexual men network.
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    I say bullshit. The only thing ten inches is your nose. Pinocio
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    Yes, I think I remember seeing this guy's story on CNN.

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