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    Straight Male / 29

    I am so tired of all of the whiny snowflakes getting what they want just to benefit how butthurt they are anytime they find something to get offended over. Whether it be a coffee cup design or something you think resembles a racial stereotype I find it very retarded how easily offended people get. Guess what i'm offended by how stupid you people are at how easily offended you get over shit and I think a lot of you whiny lowlife SJWs deserve a punch in the jaw. I think you people really need to get off the drugs and maybe if you did, you wouldn't get so goddamn offended all the time, since drugs affect your brains and causes you to do stupid shit such as whine over a character like Apu from the Simpsons, or look like sluts on twitter whining over a Starbucks cup design; I say I should purposely spill that hot coffee on your lap as an act of karma for every time you losers open your mouths and guess what you would fucking deserve it by being nothing but a bunch of whiny attention whores.

    If you are so easily offended and want to whine about it on Social Media tat I really hope your phones and computers explodes and kills you because the world needs less stupid people like any of you whiny snowflakes wasting air on this Planet. Also if anybody gets offended reading this do the human race a favor and go die a horrible death because it just shows that you are nothing more than a whiny, attention craving, butthurt snowflake that gets easily offended and the world needs less idiots like you wasting air for the rest of us.

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    Well done sir. I agree.
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    You get offended by the fact that people get offended. Is there nothing new?
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    yeah he's real mad about it

    'cause he's a little pussy bitch
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    Like comment #3. Confessor needs to take a look at the whiner in the mirror.
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    He's barking, frankly.

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