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    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Watching my wife being fucked by other men, is something I never thought I would ever able to endure, let alone enjoy.
    Yet here I am two years on, and it's me who actively seeks out those huge cocked men she so desires. It's of little consequence that I have a small cock, nor is it the main reason I or her first engaged in sex outside of our marriage. That reason was because of debt. My debt.
    It also matters not who it was who first fucked her. The only things that matter are, he enjoyed my wife thoroughly, and I do mean thoroughly, fucking all her holes right there in front of me. That the debt was paid off little by little each tme he visited our home, fucking her each time with more zeal and force. And lastly that my wife utterly debauched herself, for me.
    Months after the debt was paid we traveled over to a Caribbean island. Once again, foolishly, I gambled on the wrong stake. The price of which as well as all the money we had with us that night, was to watch the three men I played cards with, fuck my wife over and over and over again. Seeing those enormous black cocks sliding in and out of her mouth, pussy and asshole as she screamed out her orgasms, taught me one thing. I'd begun to enjoy the sight and sounds of my wife receiving what I couldn't give her. The fucking's of her life.
    We didn't speak of it, until she told me she missed the elation of that raw, rough and belittling sex. I at first thought she meant herself being belittled. But as she described how those men made her feel sexually, I knew she meant me being made to feel inadequate, and she was right.
    The first arranged man, was someone I knew to have a large cock. He worked for a client of mine and I invited him over. At nineteen years old, he didn't yet know how to takea woman completely, but after a few weeks, the quick learner soon had my wife begging him to thrust his massive cock deep into her asshole.
    It was my bane to watch her taking his cock, and it was soon to become my ultimate desire to see my wife so enraptured by another mans cock, I often came without ever touching my little penis. To see her breasts heaving as she mounted his long thick shaft, to see her facial ecstacy each time he made her climax. And then, and oh boy then to see him flood her orifices with his semen.
    He faded away as he couldn't match our needs, yet other men, lots of other men now have. Each time now we search the internet, the gyms we work out at, and the business people I meet for my finance.
    In all some thirty three men have fucked my wife in front of me. The largest amount at one time, was five men in a hotel room for her twenty fifth birthday last year. It was on that occasion I did something for the first time. I licked and sucked my wife's holes clean afterwards, making sure I swallowed what I gathered into my mouth. She smiled, called me her gimp and then rode my face as she would a mans cock. She was still fucking my face as the last of the men walked out of that hotel room.
    What's the saying. If you love them, set them free. My wife had the freedom to do as she wishes, and that means anything.

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    Your lucky my wife won't do that I miss my ex-girl friend. My ex and I had a hotel room with 6 guys. 4 of them fucked her and came in her pussy. she told me to clean it up right between her legs my head went then one of the 2 guys left got behind me lubed my hole up and fucked me for my first time. It was a mix of pain and pleasure. The other on feed my girl in her mouth. After a while my girl turned around slide under me we 69 with me getting fucked then the other one started fucking my girl as I licked her clity. After we all came the 4 others were ready for another go. 3 of them fucked her at the same time one in each hole the other one grabbed my legs put them on his shoulders and fucked me. After everyone was spent they left my girl and I laid there with gagping hole cum running out. we said that was hot have to do it again but we never did. We did have a bunch Of 3 ways with men.

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