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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    Hi, my name is Nina. I guess that really doesn't matter, but that's my name. I am learning how to have sex with my girlfriend Aisha. Aisha is Indian, born here but of Indian parents. She and I met at college, Aisha does not like guys and has sworn to me that she will never have a dick up her ass, ever. Don't knock 'till you tried it, but in any event she is 100% sworn never to have a dick in her, anywhere.

    I got dicked pretty bad early on back in high school. I had to give up my ass literally so the jerk could brag to his friends. Giving up my ass was like the worse thing I did, but in college I gave up my pussy and I sucked off guys I dated. No suckie, no fuckie, no date.

    Aisha told me back then, when we were sophomores and juniors and seniors that she would only give up her pussy to me. She had made up her mind. I touched her pussy back them, even fingered her pussy and of course sucked her brown tits. She has been teaching me to like pussy, and to like having her eat my pussy. She eats really hard, sucks hard and gets on my tits and squeezes them really hard. It is like I am going to like it or else. Aisha wants us to get girlfriend tattoos. Some Indian design that she says means love.

    Right now I miss dick. I want a dick so bad but she wants me on a no dick diet. Nothing but pussy, nothing but long black hair, nothing but brown tits, nothing but soft girl cheeks. No dick. It has been six months almost to the day that I gave up dick for her. We went out to eat Indian food, she had some sort of ceremony she invented because I am sure that in India there is no such ceremony where a girl has to swear herself off of dick. She had this dish brought out, which she had shaped like a her pussy. According to her she had the lady who cooks take a mold of her pussy and use it to make the dish for me to eat. To eat her pussy in the restaurant while the Indian woman watched.

    We had some sort of ceremony with some Indian women she hired to dance and she proclaimed that we were married according to some Goddess I never herd of. I found out that this Indian restaurant she took me to is where Indian lesbians go, no men are allowed inside, sort of a like a no dick paradise.

    I don't want to sound like I don't want to be exclusively with Aisha, I do. But one little dick now and then can only add spice. Once you have had dick it is kind of hard to ignore dick. I don't want Indian dick, Indian dicks are gross, I am thinking of a guy who lifts weights, I like big guys like football guys, with lots of hair on his chest, blue eyes and a beard who just wants to slam his dick in me. I can't help thinking about it. Maybe if I never saw him face to face, I don't need to know his name. I just need to feel him grab my ass and shove his dick in me and give me a little taste of what it to grow up in Michigan where the boys take care of their business.

    I am just not good at being Indian.

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    How many Indian dicks have you seen?

    Right credible fiction.

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