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    Straight Female / 20

    It's true, although we aren't supposed to talk about it. I became the girlfriend of the guy that was living with my mother. I was a freshman, he wanted me to sleep with them. He was in the middle of having sex with my mother, he got off and spread me out and got on me and found my hole and I started to have sex with him. He took his time teaching me, the next several times I got felt up and I got wet before he got on, I learned to give him head, sometimes give him head before he got on my mother. I always liked it, I liked him and I liked his hands touching me and his mouth kissing me.

    The kids in school were beginning to date. We dated at the mall, we would go to the mall and that's where you hooked up with my date. I liked this boy a lot, but the most we ever did was hold hands. Later when we had driver's licenses some car dating started, I only went on double dates and we usually went to the movies. Hand holding but no kissing, and no feeling me up. The one time this boy went for my tit I got up and went and called my mother to come pick me up.

    I got up there in years, I had graduated high school and I still didn't have a steady. My man was at home, sure I don't sleep with them anymore, but I have sex with him once or twice a week. I just cannot get interested in someone else. And that is where I am today. Sure you shouldn't be sharing a man with your mother, I know that, she knows that and he knows that, but it doesn't matter. My man is at home right now and I can't concentrate on my term paper because I am thinking about going home to be with him.

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    Has he fucked your mom and come straight to you for head yet?

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