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    Let's call her Yvette.

    First my same age cousin and I started fucking when we were twelve. She was flat chested then, and kind of skinny. But her pussy was all wet and she grew up around it. Boy we fucked when we were kids. We went to college and had our time during winter break, and holidays, and all summer long. She grew tits, she grew hips, and her pussy stayed wet. We took graduate degrees and went into the workforce.

    She got sent to Pau France on an assignment. I went to visit and we fucked until we hurt. She introduced me to her local counterpart, Yvette. Yvette was French, small. Petite. Pretty with deep blue eyes. She spoke English with her French accent, and surprise of surprises she let me get pretty close. Over wine we told her that we were lovers, from the time we were twelve. She didn't believe us so we kissed in front of her, grabbed some tit, and asked her if she wanted to join us.

    Yvette was all game, telling us that the French invented Ménage á Trois, she went both ways, and asked for some girl time with my cousin. When my cousin's assignment was over and she came home she confessed she and Yvette had continued to play around after I had left. Hot little girl.

    Yvette came over, she was hotter to be with me, playing with my cousin got serious when I got serious with my cousin. But she wanted to be with me, all over me, affectionate like a little girl with her daddy. We talked about her staying, which was kind of agreeing to get married. She was Catholic and I had to convert, marry her in her home town church, bring her home pregnant from the honeymoon. She was all Catholic, all married, making kids, three in three years, all girls.

    She gave her permission, only because she had met us before we got married. But she was a wife now and the most she allowed was letting my cousin and I to have a full blown love affair alongside our marriage. But as a Catholic wife she would not join us. And I have to say, the way she raises these girls, all little French girls.

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