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    Straight Female / 44

    Husband and I looking to try threesomes out and are pretty open. Any comments or recommendations? Ffm and mmf seem to have our interests ... stay away or did u have ok time ?

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    I have experienced both ffm and mmf, although mmf only once.

    My first and most important recommendation is - Not enough alcohol to get drunk! Just a slightly tipsy is good, but if anyone of you get drunk that is a bad idea.

    What I mean is, usually people use alcohol for "medicine" to make them relaxed. But it doesn't work. You will get more relaxed later when you get to know the other participant or couple and the slight excitement will keep your juices flowing.

    Other thing is, if there is something you or anyone else doesn't want to do, it is better to discuss about it before you actually start having sex.
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    I have to tell you, FMF only. Your husband may think watching some other guy fuck you is OK, but he will never trust you again. Find some nice girl, pet your husband fuck her and get his fill with her and then you settle down with her for the most amazing sex you can imagine.

    Voice of experience, our partner is now my sister wife.
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    Nice , I wanted to see a little m on m but maybe thatâs the best way
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    Cool stuff !

    Did MMF all the time with ex-wife (did a lot but like MMF the best)
    When we were dating, she told me she'd done it before and really liked it.
    Wow.. because I had always wanted to be with a woman who liked that.

    We went to some swingers parties also.
    She also was a nude dancer at a local club.
    Some escorting occasionally, nude house sitting, any general free-spirited spontaneous.

    That all was later, though.

    Here's what I recommend from my experiences:

    Discuss with your husband in detail what you both like, what you both want to do, what you both want each other to do, what you both want the other guy to do.
    No fantasy is to be dissed or off-limits. So be honest.

    As the woman in a MMF, you have the opportunity to experience the most awesome sex you've ever had IF you do this right.

    1.) If there is a single guy friend you both know well and trust, approach him first together. We did and it worked very well. (This is important because it works best when both guys can cum in you freely).

    2.) Your husband is sharing you. Be sure to show him the respect and appreciation he deserves, particularly in front of the other guy. If you do, he feels safe even when he's watching you enjoy yourself with the other guy.

    3.) No means No. Period. You're the woman and this is about you and you're enjoyment.
    Sorry, but it is. Guys absolutely want wives or girlfriends that do shit like this. So if you have a blast, the guys will too.

    4.) Doggy-style doing oral and vaginal works awesome, but only when in sync. Direct the guys to work together. Take the cock in your mouth all the way in when the cock in back is all the way out and then vice verse, etc. Work that into a smooth rhythm and you'll get some fireworks.

    5.) Ask your friend his experiences. If he knows how to do things to a woman that your husband doesn't, ask him to show you. This is about everyone learning too. I didn't know how to make my wife squirt until someone showed me.

    6.) If you use plenty of lube and take your time, you can do any type of DPs you want.
    The one drove my ex-crazy was double vaginal. especially when both guys came in her.

    7.) This is supposed to improve your sex life exponentially. And it will. Prepare for being more sexy ahead of time around your husband. Be naked more, wear sexy clothes, no panties, fuck him every day for a week before hand.

    8.) Make sure your guy friend feels secure and satisfied. Do not let him disrespect your husband but make sure he knows he's special too. In our case, he was going through a nasty divorce. After the second time, we agreed to let him come by and fuck her any time she wanted, even if I wasn't there, as long as I was informed and she fucked me too after. That way I wasn't being asked for my 'approval' so much as she was enjoying a liberated new kink and also giving him some solace. He really appreciated that and made extra effort for our enjoyment in our 3-ways.

    (paraphrased example) - she called me from home right before I got off work one day.
    "Hi Baby! You off work yet?"
    "Almost," I replied. "Why?"
    "I'm in bed with Rick and he just came in me. Can you hurry home because I
    need my husband to finish me off."

    I only lived 15 minutes from work. Raging hard-on the entire way home. lololo

    That didn't happen overnight.
    But the point here is this.
    Pussy freely given, often, and always appreciated and respected reaps huge rewards and happiness.
    A guy will never complain on his death bed about getting too much.

    Expect the same from your husband and whoever else.
    Everyone should be respectful and should make the effort.
    We're all supposed to be consenting mature adults, right?

    You're in this together and this is the fun stuff.
    The more you do the more you'll want to and be able to if you make it an exciting co-endeavor based on mutual desire and respect.

    Toss any guilt or anyone preaching it.
    Selfish people don't get a second invite.
    It is your marriage and you can make it into anything you want.
    So fuck what society or religion or culture says.
    Be careful who you tell, don't break the law, and the world will be your oyster.

    Don't be secretive, no hidden texts or whisperings, or phone calls.
    If you make a mistake, forgive and don't repeat it.
    Be positive and forthright because these are powerful emotions and desires you're modifying and re-arranging here.
    95% of sex is in our minds, so think through any jealousy and be rational.
    You love your husband and he loves you.
    You're just expanding your sexual proclivities.

    Hope some of this helps.
    This is not BS either.
    True, all of it.

    Sorry I wrote so much.
    Just wish someone would've been around to tell me the same.

    I'll be happy to trade emails with you if you and your husband want to.
    Post a comment here that you do and I will leave my email.

    Good luck !
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    I'm male - I've also done both with girlfriends and not my wife.I agree MMF is definitely the best. There is many more options that way. The other way is fun but over way to soon. All of us guys wish for it but let me tell you. Any staying power you think you have goes out the window when one chicks lips are wrapped around your cock and a second set of lips is anywhere else. My preferred position and one that allowed me to stay hard the longest was me on my back, one chick riding me and the other sitting on my face. Then the two girls can do stuff to each other too.

    And, try not to bring anal into the picture unless its the last thing you do. Once you go there you can't really do much else without taking a shower.

    DP is fantastic. From the girls point of view I hear it's really nice too. I did MMF 3 different occasions with the same people. The second time we experimented with DP which didn't go that well cuz we didn't know what we were doing. We got the kinks worked out on the third time and all of us came.

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