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    Straight Male / 49

    Following my wife's passing I took my car and decided to see the country. After a couple of weeks it was getting boring and I stayed a few days in this town in Colorado. The TV got old, the bed got old, eating alone got old. I went down to the front desk and started a conversation with the desk clerk. He got off at eleven and he talked about getting a beer.

    We went to this liquor store and bought a six pack and we walked to his small apartment. We had a couple of beers, we exchanged histories and he absentmindedly asked me if I liked getting it on. And as son as he asked he put his hand on my lap and offered to make me happy. He opened my zipper and swallowed me until I got hard and he went to work. After a bit he stood and dropped his pants and offered to let me try.

    We exchanged sucking cock and touched around a bit before I chose to walk back to the motel. The next evening he nocked on my room door and he came in. This time we took our clothes off and got in a sixty nine position an we sucked for a good long time. He offered to let me get on, and after a couple of false starts I got to fucking him. He stayed with me until the very early hours when he left, but not before sucking me one more time.

    I stayed a total of ten days, by the time I left town we had gone full circle, I enjoyed having him mount me much more than the other way around, but I enjoyed cock sucking more. I have not found another town to stop and enjoy a few days interruption, I am now in western Idaho about to cross into Oregon. I do miss my wife.

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    I can relate to your situation as it so reminds me of what happened to me when my wife passed away suddenly. You've inspired me to make my own similar confessions. Do not supress your newly discovered sex with other men.

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