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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    My name is Rich, recently divorced, before the divorce was final whenever I was home I was naked, the wife, who's name is Denise, was ok with it, I think, no children living at home. I played with myself a lot, Denise, was ok with it, meaning not complaining to much mostly laughing at me. She made fun of my little PENIS, and balls, threating to tell her girlfriends about my little PENIS. Denise laughed the most when I Jacked-Off to music, certain songs had a good beat to Jack-Off to, stroking to the music kind of dancing around in front of her, really got her chuckling, it felt really good to me though. I also begged her to let me service her feet and toes, just kissing and licking her feet and sucking on her toes. I've loved female feet since I was younger, looking at girl feet in the boat ads, girls in bikinis barefoot, while I Jacked-Off. Denise let me play with her feet, reluctantly, laughing a lot. Sucking on her toes usually made me CUM right away, some times I called it, making love to her feet, she said if I was making love to her feet, I should CUM on them then lick them clean, so I did, I was so excited, and licked up every drop of CUM, she could hardly stop laughing, I was in heaven. I looked at pics of girls on my computer Jacking-Off, pretending they could see me. Long before I was married still in school I would walk around in the early evening and expose myself to girls I found walking down the sidewalk, when I found a girl, I'd say hi, will you watch me Jack-Off for a minute, then pull my pants down so she could see my PENIS, most times they just ran away, then I'd find a kind of secluded spot to Jack-Off, very excited that a girl actually just saw my PENIS! One night I had no luck finding a girl, and was kind of wound up playing with myself, so I took my pants off and sat on the curb, under a street light, and Jacked-Off, it felt really good! Sometimes while Jacking-Off looking on my computer, Denise would walk in and just stand there watching me, making remarks about some of the girls I was looking at, teasing me for pretending they could see me! One day while Denise was at work, I had the day off, and was going to town looking on my computer, I heard some girls carrying on outside and went to the door to see what was going on, they were just teasing another girl, laughing a lot, when one of the girls saw me in front of the door and told the other girls they all looked and saw me, I didn't realize they could, seriously, they started teasing me for being in front of the door naked, I couldn't stop feeling myself, I recognized two of the girls as neighbors two houses away from mine. I felt really silly, with these girls seeing me, a grown married man, then the girls came up the walk to my door, and could see me feeling myself, as plain as day, and started laughing even more, I was so excited, forgetting who I was, and what was happening, I Jacked-Off furiously, and CUMMED right away with all of the girls seeing me, CUM! Then a car pulled into the driveway, it was Denise, I was so busy playing with myself not realizing the time, it was time for her to be home! The girls were walking down the walk as Denise was walking to the door, the girls told her what just happened, RICHARD, she hollered as she was coming in the door, I couldn't get any clothes on, she caught me at my computer naked, she started laughing, calling me a weirdo Jacking-Off in front of young girls! I told her I couldn't help myself, not realizing the girls ages, it felt so good CUMMING with them watching me, Richard, I don't know what to say or do but I'm thinking how to handle this, I know, next week some of the ladies in my office are coming over to have a girls night out, were having a few drinks before we go out, I think it would be fun to show them your little PENIS, I've been telling them about your little PENIS already, Denise, no, I'll be embarrassed, Richard, you just showed five young girls your PENIS, showing my friends cant be any more embarrassing. I think I'll have you service their feet too, this will be so much fun, for us, I know you'll enjoy yourself eventually, weirdo, when the girls start coming, I want you totally naked meeting them at the door too! Richard, good news, the ladies are bringing their young daughters too, aren't you happy? Their husbands are having a poker game, the oldest daughter is babysitting the younger girls, just think, Richard, you should be in heaven, with all of the females that will see your little PENIS, and see you Jacking-Off, I'm sure you will be Jacking-Off, remember no clothes for you! Eventually I realized I was in heaven, then the divorce, oh well, you win some and lose some, good thing I was able to keep my computer!

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