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    Straight Female / 40

    In the fall of 2003 I took a job as an A/P clerk. The first Friday there I was invited to go to a department lunch for one of the girl's birthday. The Controller arrived late and he sat beside me. Off and on he put his hand on my leg, then slipped his hand between my legs and felt me up. On the way out of the restaurant he escorted me to his car and took me back to the office.

    Later that afternoon a girl came to my desk and introduced herself and told me she could see he liked me and if I liked him back he would look after me. At every opportunity I was pushed on him, and he put his arm around me, played with my hair, demanded kisses on his cheek, ran his hand up and down my thigh, patted my bottom, called me sweetheart and baby, had me run personal errands, kissed me on the mouth one evening, took me to lunch, dinner, brought me gifts, until one night after work he took me home with him and he had sex with me getting me pregnant.

    I wasn't only his girl at work, he took over my life and put me in an apartment with one of his favorite people so she could look after me during my pregnancy. From time to time he slept with her, she had been his girl just like I had become. Now he called her a woman and he called me a girl. He told her he loved her, she was in charge of me, she managed the money he gave her for us. Even with my pregnancy he wanted me to sleep with them. Sometimes he kissed me deeply, used his hands to get me hot and have sex with me. After sex he always had me sleep with them.

    After I gave birth I stayed home for three months. His older girlfriend's sister took care of my baby when I went back to work. She decided to go ahead and have a baby herself. She stayed home and did not return to work. We lived together for five and a half years, I work full time and she stays home taking care of our kids who are now in Jr. High. I never moved on, I am still his girl. He is now an Executive VP and I am a Senior Accountant. There are some people who were there when I first went to work. I don't try to hide my relationship anymore, I ride to work with him and go home with him. I am his personal assistant, his home girl and everyone knows it.

    We have many weekends where the three of us still spend the night together.

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