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    When I was much younger, I was introduced to some fetishes, by my girlfriend at the time, who was 4 years older than me. I had been at her house many times since we met, and one night her parents had a party, this went on all night, and I was wandering about the house,and went upstairs, and as I passed one of the bedrooms, I saw my girlfriends mum spank her dads bare arse with a whip and a slipper, and he had a hardon and this woman was sucking him off.

    My girlfriend worked with her dad and they went away one weekend to a business conference, so my girlfriend asked me if I could help her mum in the house and garden while she and her dad were away, so I agreed as I kinda liked her mum, she was very house proud though and she would crack up at anyone making a mess.

    So I turned up at my girlfriends house, and her mum was working in the garden and when she saw me she shouted can you get changed and help me, so I replied yes and went into the kitchen and got changed. When I joined her mum in the garden she said to me ' remember if you make a mess in the house, then I will spank your bare arse'. I replied ' yes mam and you can use your wand to defrock me use, and your whip on my bare buttocks too.

    After we had finished in the garden we went inside, to do a bit of clean and tidy, and unknown to me I had gotten mucky footprints all over her kitchen floor, tried to clean them up, but she walked into see me trying to clear the evidence of the floor before she saw it, which was too late.

    She said to me you know the rules and you all know the consequences, and if you want to continue to come here with Liz then the rules must be observed. So she got one of the kitchen chairs and placed it in the middle of the kitchen and then sat down on it with a slipper in her hand.

    After that she beckoned me over and quite sheepishly I went, she undid my belt and button on my jeans and pulled them down, and then pulled my pants down, revealing the family crown jewels, at which she remarked could my girlfriends dad borrow them, as they were a better set than his.

    So over her knee I went for 6 of the best, and because I'm nearly 6 foot tall, when I lay over her knees to get spanked, my head was practically on the floor, and when I looked round, lo and behold there was my girlfriends mum, legs apart no panties on and this gaping hairy fanny, well that did it for me,

    As she was just about to start whooping my bare arse, and all I could see was her thighs and stockings and suspenders, and I remember thinking if she's wearing a Basque my dick is going to explode, so I asked her and she replied of course. That was that my cock instantly became stiff as a board, and it was throbbing like hell after I had gotten my ' six '.

    When my girlfriends mum saw my stiff cock she just said house rule number two stiff throbbing cock must be attended to, and with that she led me to the bedroom , where we both got naked very quickly she had some body on her tits to die for a nice hairy pussy great legs, we spent the rest of the day and the next morning in bed I shagged her four time pumping a great load of spunk into her sodden wet pussy each time.

    My girlfriend and I eventually split up, but when dad and daughter were out of town for a night or two, I would get a phone call telling me I had been a naughty boy, and that I had to be punished, I was round there like a rat up a drainpipe, where I got my ' punishment' and my ex's mum got her pussy severely shagged and filled with my thick hot spunk.

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    Not true. Utter bullshit.

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