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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    My business partner of twenty years confided in me that his son Patrick came out to him over the weekend. He was quite depressed about it but not very surprised. He had always suspected Patrick might be gay. I tried to be understanding and empathetic as I had known he was sucking cock since he was seventeen.

    One Saturday afternoon six years ago I stopped by the plant to pick up my golf clubs. Patrick's car was the only one in the lot. I found him masturbating to gay porn on a computer. He didn't notice me at first, but when he did, he literally fell of his chair. He stumbled back up and he quickly cleared the screen on the computer. He forced his hard cock back into his pants and just sat there. He was obviously tremendously embarrassed and afraid. I could have gone a few different ways with the situation, but I decided to just whip out my big dick and started stroking. Patrick's eyes went wide and I swear I saw him lick his lips. Turns out he had never actually touched another guy's cock let alone suck cock. With a little encouragement he sucked my cock like a porn star, a benefit of all the porn he watches. As I peaked I held his head firmly and instructed him to always swallow my cum.

    Since that day we hook up a few times a year. I've been fucking him for about four years and he always swallows my cum if I don't cum in his ass. He is now in a relationship with a guy his own age, and between that and my wife and kids it's been less frequent.

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    So are you proud that you exposed that young boy to your homosexuality? You apparently don't practice safe sex, so I guess your fine exposing your wife to all of your and his sexual contacts? Does a father's broken heart matter when you are having anal intercourse with his son?
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    Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed introducing young guys to gay sex. I have been their first blow job for over twenty guys, ranging in age from sixteen to forty-five. I have taken 12 cherries which is my absolute favorite.
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    I think all dads and son should play !!!i suck my first cock at 8 love it he was my uncle and he was 18 I swallowed his cum that day ! He use me for two years as his cock sucker cum dumb them my older brother took over feeding me cock and cum my little dick got hard well being face fuck when I was 12 or so I cum from my brother fucking my mouth as he cum i cum and it felt so good !! I still wanted my dads cock so bad but it never happen !! I did have a dad at 15 he was my best friend dad he took my boi pussy cheery at 15 i was his bitch !!! Up to this point all I had was sex with men I was hook on my daddyâs big cock and cum !! I am gay to this day and love big cock in both my holes thanks to my uncle brother and my daddy and his big cock
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    When I was sixteen my next door neighbor seduced me and I sucked my first cock. Many years later I am a happily married family man. On occasion when the opportunity presents itself I'm happy as a clam on my knees with a nice big cock in my mouth.
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    You fuckers are always stopping by to pick up your golf clubs. Why haven't you already got your golf clubs you liars?

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