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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    So I've always considered myself a 4 at most a 5 at best. Haven't had to many relationships just kinda stayed focused on work and school well my sophomore year of college I was a nanny for a family near my dorm they were sweet and paid me decent enough and were very flexible and understanding with my schedule. Well one night they asked if I could stay overnight and half the next day I said sure, after the kid went to bed I did my homework and studying I needed to. I tried watching TV for a bit but it was eh. I don't know what went over me but I got horny as hell and super nosey and snooped in the parents room. They are pretty kinky I learned. Well fast forward to them getting home and me leaving I get a call from the wife saying she knows it last minute but would pay double if I could go over so I did. Turns out they weren't wanting to leave but they caught me on nanny cam snooping. I was so worried but the wife said the money was still good if I was interested in having some fun with them on camera. This was super exciting to me so I agreed the wife stripped me and started playing with me first by putting a blindfold on me. She tied my hands up above me and slowly kissed down between my thighs till I came she pushed my knees to my chest and tied my knees up. I laid there awhile before anything happened but out of nowhere a cock was pushing in me. It was awesome I came quickly and often. He pulled out and then I felt another cock in me he came in me and I got worried but Everytime I felt a cock in me they cummed in me. I was getting sore and tinder after awhile but they just gagged my mouth. I had no clue how long it had been going on but when they finally untied me I couldn't move so the wife jumped up next to me with a lot of cash and a smile asking how I felt. I told her it was awesome but I'm going to be sore for a week. Lol she said she believed it, the last girl only got to 10 dudes before giving up, but I had 27..... I was baffled and confused. And she said it was a awesome turn out for the gangbang.

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    Mmmmm real wife material you are , what a keeper , sloppy spunk skip pussy. I think not
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    Oh, I forgot to mention. 3 of those were dogs and 1 mule.
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    I had a boyfriend that was really adventurous. Sometimes he liked to tie me up, blindfolded me and then have sex with me. Other times we'd have sex in semi-public places. One Saturday after I was tied up and blindfolded he let in some of our male friends and the four of them pulled a train on me. I didn't know if I should holler r**e or propose to him! He knew I always wanted that but he did it without my permission. After they were all done they took my blindfold off and we all hung out naked with me still mostly tied up. After a while the guys all got hard-ons again. I was in no position to stop them and was a little sore but I found myself agreeing to another train. OMG! What a way to change casual friends to FWBs!

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