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    This is an exert from my diary. Something I added only a month ago. I've never before mentioned this to anyone, but had to put the entry into my writings, as it's how I was taught about sex. And how I became the person whom I love most, lover.

    At the age of twelve I overheard my mother telling my father she wanted him to satisfy her more. He was silent for a while, then I heard him tell my mother he could no longer keep up with her sexual demands. The following week I walked into our home and found my mom being fucked from behind by a much younger neighbor of ours. I didn't tell my father, but something told me he already knew.

    My father was forty six at the time, my mother was twenty nine and she was/is a stunning looking woman. Over the next few years I was aware of other lovers that she had, but none of them lasted long. mainly I think because she wore them out.

    On my fifteenth birthday she entered my bedroom naked, told me it was time for me to learn and removed my clothing. I'm not well endowed, nor am I gong to say I'm a handsome man. What I do have is a six inch cock that is very thick, and it loves being sucked.

    I had seen naked women other than my mother, but none of them came close to matching her beautiful body and sexual desire. Watching her kneel front of me in my bedroom, then place her hands all over my body and cock, I became instantly erect. Looking up at me as she stroked my cock, I saw the glint of pure lust in her eyes and then my own mother devoured my cock.

    I'm not saying it was right, or that I should have allowed it. Yet she was my mother and she'd commanded me all my life to that point. Her mouth felt amazing on my cock and I soon began to move to the rhythm of her tongue and mouth. Then like a bolt shot from a crossbow, I came and couldn't stop cumming until she'd stopped sucking down every drop of my cum. Smiling at me, my mother said "My turn".

    Her turn was to lay on my bed, spread her legs and let me see the entrance I came into the world via. Her pussy looked just like those I'd seen in magazines, yet more fleshy and to me more beautiful. Telling me to kneel between her legs, I did as I was told and felt her hands on the back of my head. Moving my face down to towards her wet folds, she ordered me to kiss and lick her pussy, telling me sternly "make me orgasm boy". Doing as I was told, I was initiated into the marvel that is cunnilingus, and the start of my love of oral sex.

    I'm not overly sure how long I spent licking, tonguing and sucking on her pussy lips, labia and her large love button. What I do know is I had to hold her down at least half a dozen times as she practically fucked my face. Showing me how, she had me slide two fingers inside of her and carry on sucking away at her clitoris, her small penis as I called it. Another climax, one that had me backing away as she arched her back. Then pressing my face back into her wetness, she ordered me to use my fingers up her pussy and asshole. I did as I was told and devoured her bud at the same time. My mother went wild with lust and had her final orgasm, spurting out juices from her pussy all over my face. Only then did she stop me and relaxed.

    We lay together for some time, with my mother telling me I was a quick learner. She also told me I was to make her feel good like I had from then on whenever she wanted sex.

    It was twelve wonderful months of oral sex, in which I learned how to pleasure my mother just how she liked cunnilingus. I also learned how to control myself when she sucked on my cock. By my sixteenth birthday I was giving my mother oral sex at least once a day, with her sucking me off sometimes twice a day. However before my sixteenth birthday, she would not let me fuck her, something I'd wanted to do for months.

    Losing my virginity is another confession, and another entry. I will add here, mother and I are still lovers. We still have just as much sex now as I did from fifteen onwards. The only difference now, is I'm the one who leads our times together and I'm the one who tells my mother exactly what I want. She taught me well and I'm now someone who adores fucking her as roughly as she can handle my needs.

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    Sad she started with a neighbourhood boy instead of giving herself to you.

    I have known 3 of my friends who have been invited by their fathers ( sexually dysfunctional or travelling sales men) to sleep with their moms.Better to keep it in the family.
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    What is it on here with all this fucking your own mother crap. You people are not normal. Sick fucks
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    #2, routine fantasies passed off as real life events.

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