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    Straight Male / 29

    I've been married for two years to my second wife. She is great, beautiful but isn't much of a sexual dynamo. She does what I want but she "lets" me, she doesn't really get into sex. When dating she was incredible, really daring and taking risks then when we got married I'm lucky to get her to let me fuck her ass. I am really missing my ex. A girl I lived with for 4 years starting in college. We both assumed we'd get married but due to petty jealousy we didn't. She was literally a living, breathing cum receptacle. She called herself a cocksleeve, she was very vocal during sex, always telling me what she wanted then giving back in return. She's the only woman in my personal experience who called her pussy a c**t, and she liked her c**t filled with cocks all the time. She loved cum and loved cock, in fact she liked pussy too, guiding my cock into several of them that she'd licked and sucked to orgasms before my entry. I saw her last week, she's put on a few pounds, not fat, just heavier and still reeks of sex appeal. I am thinking I made a big mistake in marrying the one I did. I need a cocksleeve, cum receptacle who isn't afraid that she has a c**t.

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    You are wrong fatty.
    What you need is to get off your fat ass, get a job and stop being a 34 year old lazy slob burden on your parents. Sitting about masturbating, making up bullshit storys and eating corn dogs all day is not real life you boneidle idiot.
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    Ask this 2nd woman if she has lost interest in you and is living with you only because she has nowhere else to go.

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