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    Straight Male / 53

    My sex life after the sudden death of my wife:

    When I was 51 my wife and a co worker were killed in an accident on their way home from work. We were high school/college sweethearts and had a very happy life with an active sex life. I had been unfaithful several times after we married, but she never knew and I dealt with the guilt alone. We live in a small southern, very, very conservative/religious community where everyone knows everyone. Our oldest son was in grad school 35 miles away and you youngest son was at the state university 2 hours away.
    I wasn't able to sleep in you bed for weeks and it bothered my sons to the point the oldest moved out of his apartment and back home with me. I was sleeping in the guest room barely able to go into the master bedroom to dress. It was during the second week after my wife's death that I realized me very strong sex drive and morning boners were no longer happening. I had refused to go to the doctor for depressions meds, however, after 3 weeks and zero stiring in my groin I went to his office. He explained the power of the mind over the body when coping with tramua, asuring me that my sex drive would return. I did take his advise and painted our bedroom and purchased a new bedroom suite for me.
    Six weeks after my wife's death I am active in the estate probate and back in my bedroom but still no sex drive at all. This is complicated by the sad fact that several divorced women are letting me know they had broad shoulders and always dropping off caseroles and inviting me to dinner. Into the 2nd month after my wife;s passing I woke with a dick so hard I thought it would break. I literally pushed the top sheet back as the head of my dick was pusing out the top elestaic band of my jockeys. I out my thumbs on each side pushing the off my hips and taking my hard cock in my right hand. A couple of strokes and I cum with such intensity my entire body quivered, my legs shookand it left like electricity running from my balls up my back to the top of me head. It was the most intensity orgasm of my life. I has all over my stomach, chest, face, hair and that is when I realized I was unable to move. Suddenly the light came on as my son heard me scream and came running into my bedroom turning on the over head light as he came in.
    We both looked at each other, me unale to move my hand off my dick and my son speechless. Finally he said, "damn dad I've never see anyone cum so much. You got a tea cup of God dad its on the headboard and ball above it." I was drained focusing on breathing while me son walked past me to my bathroonm coming back with two towels. He threw a towel over my chest and he stood beside me in his jockeys as he reached under me to help me raise up.
    I wipped my cum off my chest, face and abdomine as I set up in my bed. My son told me to turn to look at the cum dripping down the headboard and even the wall over the headboard. My son said, "if you'd been fucking some face you would have blow the back of their head off or drowned them with your spunk. Damnm dad, it smells like clorox. I hope it dosen't take the color off the wall." I was too embaassed to say anything as my son reached to wip the cum off the headboard and the wall with the towel in his hand. The he said, "dad, I've never seen anyone cum that much. I've never see that much sum when several of us cum at the same time."
    I pushed my jockeys off as I got out of the bed and went to the bathroom to piss. Now, I am standing at the toilet pissing while my 26 year old son is throwing the two hand towels into one of the vanity bowls in the bathroom. Washing his hands in the other bowl he said, "I think we need some coffee as it almost time to get up anyhow." and he walked out of the bathroom and bedroom.
    A few minutes later we are sitting at the table drinking coffee as I shared with my son what I had been experiencing since his mom passed away. We talked for over and hour and when I went to shower I realized my son was now my best friend, my wife was gone and not coming back and that the emotional and psychological impact of trauma (any kind) had lost its hold on me and I was now ready to look for a "new norma" for my life.
    I was driving to work reliving what had ocured when it hit me of my son's references to "never seen anyone sum so much", "so much cum all of us cuming together." My son was probably bi, or gay echoed through my mind all day. I had been in a couple of circle jerks as a teen and truned down opportunities for guys to blow me and no wondered if my son had done more than my few circles jerks in high school.
    That night I asked my son if he was bi or gay and he said, "I am bi, dad. I like pussy but I love dude-ass and never had a female suck me as good as a dude. And, I suck a prettty good dick myslef." He laughed and said, "Dad, I know several bi jock dudes who would have loved to have the opportunity to suck the guiser of cum out of your dick." I told my son I had never been with a man, even though I had been given the opportunity. We became very open about life, sex, straight, bi and gay as I came to understand and apprecaite the fact that there is safety and satisfaction guaranteed when two bi men take care of each others sexual needs, wants and desires. For sure those relationships are void of the drama with a female sexual partner, girlfriend or wife.
    Not wanting to become involed in a relationship with a female because I can jack off and became interested in allowing a man to blow my dick. Without saying anything to my son I began to check out Craigs list for the larger town 45 minutes away. After communicating with several men and reaching a comfort level with a married man - we met for drinks and clicked.
    Sitting in the parking lot I received my first blow job from a good looking, intelligent, professional married man and it was incredable. He swallowed every drop because he knew I was safe and wanted me to have the full experience. Through him I met several other married/divorced men experiencing the joy of fucking a man in his ass who milked my dick like never before. My son and his male lover live 15 minutes from me and, only recently, have never had sex. Bi is the best of both worlds and my desire of pussy is being fulfilled as I have made contact with bi swinging couples. My life is great with lots of frineds and zero drama which is not the case for many of the other married men I know in my town and family.

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    The age defaluted to 53 and that is incorrect, as I am now 63 year of age.
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    Have you and son done anything together??

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