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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    After about two years of working in Social Services with my degree I decided to go back to school and get a real degree. I got a job working at the front desk of a hotel, either the morning or the evening shift and went to school pretty much full time. At the hotel I had a coworker, Linda. Linda is a bit older than me, at the time I was 25 and she was 27 and we became work friends and I really liked it when we had the same shift.

    We had the same day off and she suggested we use it to go shopping so we got together and went out, had a lunch at the food court and went back to her apartment. We sat on the couch and she asked me what I thought about dicks, to be honest with her. Like what would I do if I had to face a black guy with a huge dick, if I knew that he was going to fuck me. Would I surrender or fight and go down fighting.

    Strange conversation, she opened her lap top and went to this page of black men with huge dicks. Horse cocks, big black studs with horse cocks. She passed from one to another and would talk about how she always dreamed she would be crawling away when he caught her and stick her so deep she could feel it in her throat. Then, just like that she turned to me and put her arms around my neck and said she had never been fucked. She asked me if I had been fucked and to tell her all about it, every detail, who, when, where, how, did I fight or had I been captured and tied down first. Was he black, or was he some white guy who r**ed girls when they walked home from school.

    I told her the sad truth, it was my boyfriend when I was 15 and it was in his room and it was quick and I didn't even take my clothes off and neither did he. She sat back and then turned to me and said she liked me and put her arms around my neck again and tried to kiss me. I had trouble pushing her off and getting her to let go of my neck, but as soon as I was loose she turned to me and accused me of not liking her, that she had finally found someone she really liked and I was pushing her away.

    She sat there, so close to me that I didn't dare move, she turned to me again and asked me why I didn't like her. I told her I did like her, and she challenged me that if I really liked her to kiss her. When I kissed her lightly on the lips she took my hand and put it on her boob. Her arms went around my neck again and she started to kiss me and I just let her and when our lips got together I kissed back and I felt her hands on my boobs and then she had straddled me and was sitting on my lap. After a few minutes I stopped her and asked about dicks, what about the whole big black guy with a horse cock. She just leaned into me and said she promised me that she would never let a big black horse cock in her. She just looked at the pictures and imagined what it would be like, that's all.

    She had settled down and was sitting on my lap, I guess we had several small kisses and she slowly opened my shirt and I undid my bra and she took my boobs in her hands and kissed me and then took off her shirt and I played with her boobs. I got urges to kiss and suck her nipples and she would lay her head on my boobs and ask me to tell her again about what it was really like to have sex with a guy. When we moved to the bed we went to it like we were pros, discovery and lovemaking in a way I had never thought of. She really wasn't experienced and most everything we did I had to take the lead. She told me that ever since she was in the fifth and sixth grade she crushed on girls, and who her biggest celebrity crushes were. I confessed I had never crushed on a girl and my crushes were older guys, that I had several boyfriends but nothing had lasted more than a year or two.

    Why that afternoon with her sitting naked across my hips she just screamed for me to hug her I don't know, but I did, I pulled her down on me and hugged her for a long time. We got dressed, fixed a grill cheese and she asked me if I wanted to see horse cocks so we went through her long list of web sites where she found these naked black men. I had her look for some websites of country men showing off their cocks and asked her if one of those would do. I told her that is what I liked, a man who worked with his hands who fucked office girls like me. We laughed because we knew I had never met that guy and she had never seen a live black dick. The kiss on the couch lasted a long time, I told her I liked her but that we had to be careful.

    After I finished my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice she packed up and we moved to Las Vegas where I looked for a job. We both started with hotel desk clerk jobs until I got a job working in probation for prostitutes and other sex workers. My little one still gets turned on by horse cocks and I get turned on by rich white men. But in the end when I am really horny all I want to do is kiss her and eat her up.

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