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    Straight Male / 28

    Believe you me, my mother in law Beverly is no beauty. She does have a decent body and a really tight wonderful pussy and ass. I know this because over the past eighteen months, ever since she caught me whacking to porn in her home, I've been fucking her.
    She's nothing like her daughter, who won't hardly change positions during sex. In fact I'd go as far to say Beverly is a total slut and loves nothing more than taking my cock down her throat, thrusting inside her pussy or deep up her asshole.
    I might be married to her daughter, but over the past year and half I've enjoyed fucking my mother in law, far more than my wife.
    Over the Christmas period Beverly will be moving in with us. I can't wait as the reason she's staying, is her daughter has just found out her work rota. Which means she'll be working most of the time her mom stays.
    If I had my way, my wife's mom would be living with us permanently. And I'd be fucking the shit out of her as much as I could.

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    Then you woke up and realised you have a small penis and the fact is your wife is getting plenty of spunk filled cock elsewhere.
    Truth hurts sometimes old friend.
    Get over it.
    Also have you sucked another well hung mans spunk out of your slut wifes asshole ?
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    Good burn #1. Dude needed to know the truth. I mean look, any bozo that would admit he had a penis small enough to penetrate a dame's asshole would clearly be a asshole himself. Furthermore, any fool knows that orifice is exit only. Yaw clueless??
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    #2 Actually an orifice is an aperture or hole that opens into a cavity. A mouth, a pussy or an asshole. They're all defined as orifices.....Yaw clueless!!!

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