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    Bi-Sexual Female / 44

    My brother Sam was born eleven months after me. Due to my birthday, mom put us in school at the same time. Mom and dad had two more girls about four years later. Sam and I were very close. We had a creek and woods behind our house and the two of us would play all day there. I was very much of a tomboy and would try to do anything Sam would do. He always had his shirt off and so would I. I began developing at ten, but it didn’t stop me from going topless in the woods. By twelve I had D cup breasts. The boys made fun of me wend the girls were jealous. I didn’t enjoy my breasts at all. By thirteen, I began to notice that Sam would look at my breasts when we were working or playing in the woods. We had a three house that we built and one day it was just the two of us. I noticed he was looking and asked if he wanted to touch them. After that day, I would let Sam touch my breasts occasionally.

    It may have been because boys would make fun of me or try grabbing my breasts, but it turned me off to guys. I was now fourteen and experimented with girls. I would have a girlfriend spend the night and we would pleasure each other. I began telling Sam every detail as he was the only person I could confide in. He was puzzled why I wouldn’t like guys sexually and he was adamant that I should try. There weren’t any guys that I liked or who hadn’t been mean to me. As you can imagine, Sam and I had many conversations about sex. Just because I wanted to try, I asked Sam if would could have sex. On a summer day in our tree house that we still hung out in, Sam and I lost our virginity to each other. The first time wasn’t very pleasant for either of us. Luckily, we could talk freely with each other. We tried again and told each other what we liked and didn’t like. It was amazing as the sex improved dramatically.

    I still had desires for women and continued those relationships too. In college, I began dating some guys and occasionally would sleep with another woman. Sam and I didn’t go to the same college. We saw each other for a weekend every other month. We always made time to have sex when we did see each other. Without question the best sex I have ever had was with my brother.

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    How long has it been since you screwed for old times sake?
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    This same story have already been here about a year ago.
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    Boring bullshit on offer right here folks.

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