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    Straight Male / 26

    When I was sixteen I first licked then fucked my moms pussy from behind, when she came home drunk from a night out with her girlfriends.
    She was lay on her bed with her skirt hitched right up. I'd helped her to her room, having watched porn all night. Horny as hell, able to see her panties covered pussy, I moved them to one side getting a real close up look of her pussy and ass.
    Not able to resist I stuck my face right in there and began to tongue all the way from her pussy to her asshole. She moaned a lot and even opened up her legs giving me easier access. Then with my dick so hard and hurting from the strain, I unleashed it and thrust up my mom, almost in one movement.
    From then on I just pounded her, not worrying if she came to. Fucking her for some considerable time, she began to back onto me and at one stage groaned really loud. Pumping into her as hard as I could, my cock and balls finally let go and I came up my moms pussy.
    Cleaning her up as best I could, I covered her up and went to bed. She said nothing the next day and hadn't mentioned it ever, until a month ago.
    Staying in her apartment due to mine having work done on it, we decided to watch a couple of movies together. After the first movie she joined me on the couch snuggling into me, almost spooning.
    I couldn't help it and got a hard on. She noticed and I said sorry. My moms reply was "No need to say sorry. After all I've felt your hard cock before, haven't I ?".
    Embarrassed I feigned ignorance, but my mom reached back, gripped my cock through my shorts and told me it'd been too long since she'd last had sex.
    I'm not going to lie, I so wanted to go further, but I got up and made us both a drink. It broke the moment and nothing else was said. And hasn't since then.
    That was until last week when my mom invited me around for the forthcoming festive season. Her exact words were "Time you gave your mom exactly what you did when you were sixteen, again".
    I would have hoped I'd be true to myself and say no. But my moms still hot and I'm now bursting to fuck her again.

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    If you're single and she's single, what's the problem? I've no doubt the two of you can figure out birth control for the night. I don't imagine anyone is going to be in a big hurry to tell friends and relatives. So, again, what's your problem with making your Mom happy for a night or two?
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    Fiction or fact,this is HOT.

    Let's hope you both enjoy life together and you don't allow her to be touched by any other man,though she should offer you to her girlfriends.
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    This bullshit is not normal.
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    Just pretend she's not your mom. She's the hot, horny MILF you always wanted. Sounds like a great FWB situation.
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    Me and my mom live as a happy pair, though the world thinks we're just mother and son. I fuck and lick and rim her at least three times a week. She had lots of experienced men in her life, she never was the prudish type, but I'm proud to say she calls me the best, most subtle, cunning and horny lover she ever had. We're addicted to eachother.

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