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    Straight Female / 49

    During our early college days my sister and I decided that men were unnecessary, we could make it alone. School was easy, girl parties were everywhere, life with my sister was great. Then one night she and I were going home from a late night church outing at a country retreat when our car was rear ended. We were hit hard and got out to confront the person that hit us. First her, then me, we were thrown on the ground. A tape gagged us and hood placed over our heads. We were hauled across the ground toward this van.

    First one crack and the guy dragging me let go and fell with a horrible thud and then the other guy yelling and another series of blows. Hands took the hood off of me and ripped the gag off my face, my sister was helped right after. He was a young man with a bat, he asked if we were ok and then went to check on the two men, one was unconscious and the other was badly hurt. He hit him on the knee with the bat so he couldn't run.

    Our car was damaged but drivable and he sent us on our way. Many months later after all the proceedings ended I walked over to him to thank him. He took my hand and said 'Take care, Ma'am'. Ma'am? I was nineteen, I was still a Miss.

    I felt so stupid, for taking that road, and for believing men were unnecessary. I retired after a career in nursing, and after a lifetime of living I have never lost my respect for the men who look after us, fathers and brothers, police and firemen, the men in the service, and a young man who came to us in the dark to send the boogieman away.

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