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    Gay Male / 25

    The day I knew I was gay.

    I worked as a bellman that summer in the local Ramada Inn. From time to time I was called on to help the maintenance man. He was a drunk, retired Navy, smoked and made passes at all the women. The story was that every woman working there had slapped him. He talked about all the pussy he had while in the Navy.

    One day while I was helping him with an air conditioner he slapped my pants and said I probably had nothing but pussy in there. I told him to fuck off and he grabbed my pants and dick and kept telling me he couldn't feel nothing but pussy. As he held me by the dick I got hard and he would not let go. He kept calling me a pussy, my dick was rock hard and he got up real close and said he wanted pussy right then.

    He had pushed me against the compressor and he was pulling my pants down until he got my pants down to my knees and he turned me around telling me he was going to him some pussy. When his dick got in my crack I knew I was going to be gay. His dick kept giving it to me until he spread my cheeks and he got his dick going and I just looked up to God and got fucked.

    He fucked me many more times, grabbed my dick and masturbated me, sucked me until I would cum and he would eat it all, and I sucked his nasty old dick so many times I dreamed about it. He lived in one of the rooms of the hotel, and I spent nights with him fucking and sucking, hand jobs, and his never ending kissing. By the time I went back to college I knew I was totally gay.

    I drove from Fresno to San Francisco a month after starting classes and let a man take me to his hotel room where I sucked him until he fucked me after I greased myself up and begging God to forgive me.

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