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    Straight Female / 28

    My BF watches porn and got me into it also. He loves lesbian porn the most, I still prefer a nice big cock. My BF travels for work and is gone for several days at a time. My sexual drive is pretty high and I admit I masturbate often using my fingers, pillow, or sex toys.

    I decided I wanted a larger dildo and without telling my BF I ordered one online. Thankfully it arrived while he was away. I got our laptop out and found a nice porn video with a guy hung like a horse and fucking like a madman.

    The big dildo I got felt so fucking good inside of my pussy and I was on my way to having the best orgasm of my life as the woman in the video moaned right along with me. I lay there on the bed and I knew I was going to have to have more.

    I reloaded and fucked my pussy with the big dildo once again, climaxing all over the thick cock until I thought I would go mad. That night I went at it again, this time I didn't even bother with a porn video, I came again and again. I fell asleep with the big cock still inside of my pussy.

    I did this for months without my BF knowing. We were watching a lesbian porn video one night the one blonde girl had a dildo, but it wasn't just a dildo, it was a big fat black cock dildo. It wasn't the color but it did look exciting, it was the size of the black dildo.

    Every time I used my dildo I kept thinking about the larger one the girl was fucking in the video. One day I sat at my laptop and found the online sex toy website. There on one of the pages were dildo's of all colors, thickness, and length. I saw a black one and it seemed to be similar to the one I saw in the video.

    I got my purse, found my debit card, and ordered the dildo. I even paid extra for express delivery so I would get it before my BF got back home. It arrived two days later and I was so excited to unwrap it. My god it was much bigger that I expected, it literally took both hands to hold it. I thought about sending it back but there is no returns on them, I was stuck with it if I used it or not.

    That night I took a shower and afterwards I washed the huge black cock and made sure it was sterile. I went to bed and took a towel and a bottle of lube. In the dark I stripped naked and spread my legs wide. I found the lube and coated it, I couldn't hardly hold it in my hand it was so big and slippery.

    I lay there and began to work the huge dildo into my pussy. I pushed and twisted, trying to get the black beast into my vagina. It hurt, it was so slippery it popped out and I lay there more frustrated than anything.

    I lay there more determined than ever. I grabbed the slippery beast and guided it to my vagina. Once again I pushed and twisted the large dildo, I could feel it stretching me open and I began to actually sweat. If I had let go even slightly the black beast would have popped out of me.

    I kept pulling it against me, spreading my legs as wide as possible. I could feel the stretching and I cried out not knowing if it were from pain or pleasure. Suddenly I felt the huge dildo enter my vagina. I just lay there in the dark breathing like I had run a marathon race.

    I got my second wind and began to pull the black beast into my pussy, I began to make animal sounds as the pleasure overwhelmed me instantly. My hips thrust against the huge dildo and my hands kept pulling the big dildo inside of me. I began to cum hard and I was almost crying when I exploded all over the black beast. I lay there with my arms at my side breathing hard and not wanting this pleasure to stop.

    I fucked myself again with the large dildo, lifting my legs up and climaxing all over the black beast again. I was almost screaming the last time I came and finally I let go of the thick phallus and felt it pop out of my vagina, making me cry out once more. I feel bad because as much as I love my BF I don't want his cock as much as I do the one I have hidden in my dresser drawer....

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    Enjoyed the "confession". Thanks for posting it. I had a g/f with a giant (pink) dildo that she used to fuck herself with while I watched. I was always amazed that she could engage it because even after she used it I could fuck her and still feel a vaginal tightness although I was not a behemoth cock type, just above average but nothing like Little Hercules (what I called her giant dildo).
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    I agree with the first comment. So hot, I'm going to jack off imaging me in you, while watching video of a young woman stretching her pussy with a big black cock dildo.

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