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    Gay Male / 43

    I don't know if anyone out there has had an experience like this. I was traveling a lot and had been introduced to the sauna while I was in Sweden. I was in London and I asked the hotel clerk for a sauna and he sent me to this gym that he said had a sauna, to tell the clerk that I was staying at the hotel and he would let me in after I paid the fee.

    I found myself in the sauna with one other man. A heavy Argentinean who refused to speak. I sat across from him, he was naked sitting on his towel and I started to fantasize about his cock. To fantasize, dream scenes, his cock hard and him asking me to hold it and me sucking him slowly. I was dreaming, not the first time I fantasized about sucking a cock, but the first time I fantasized about it with a naked man object of my dreams right there. I had leaned back and dreaming the most realistic dream and I had gotten hard which was pushing my towel up that was over my lap.

    I didn't hear him, he reached down and grabbed my cock and asked me what I was going to do with that. He held my cock really tight and he leaned into me and said something like let's see if you like it and he bent down and sucked me. He went over and called the attendant and told him something and he came back and started to play with himself until he was hard and offered me his cock to suck. What I saw as I took his cock in my hand was his precum oozing out and I put his cock in my mouth and I wasn't dreaming, I was sucking him now, standing over me holding my head in place as he started to fuck my face.

    After a couple of minutes the clerk came in and gave him a jar of cream which he put on the bench and the clerk left us alone. He had me start over again, sucking him and jerking him, holding my head as he started to fuck in and out. I guess I was getting him to far along and he stopped and he had me lay back on the bench and he leaned over and sucked me for a good long while all the time running his hands up and down my chest and legs. He stopped and took the jar of cream and started to massage it into me, thrusting his finger in as fat as it would go until he was ready and had me get over on my stomach and I felt him slide in all the way.

    After we were done we went into the showers where we played again, this time massaging our bodies as we soaped each other down. A long kiss with his finger pushing into my ass and then off to get a massage on the massage tables, fully naked with Arab looking men with strong arms and hands. After we dressed and he escorted me onto an elevator he took one more kiss and we walked out into the crowd. He suggested Indian food and we ate and drank wine and he offered to keep me company for the night.

    When I left the hotel the next day I got two bills, one for the room and hotel charges and one for the sauna, the company, the massage, the dinner and drinks and a card for the club for when I got back to London. From the amount on the bill I could tell that the cashier new that I had a long evening at the club, all itemized, not a mention one for the services of the man in the sauna room. I was never going to get that bill across the expense tab at my company so I had to pay it out of my pocket. but well worth it, unexpected which made it an even better experience.

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