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    Straight Male / 32

    A total mystery that could have been solved but never was, when I came of age and hormones began to flow I sometimes had a wet dream and they were outstanding when I ejaculated in a reasonable place. I recall one "wet dream," that was particularly voluptuous and never forgot it. As time went by my cousin, Nicole would drop a comment or a hint of having taken my "full load" and liking it, in so many words.

    I never responded and since it was unclear to me, did not pursue it. As time goes by I'm almost certain that Nicole gave me a blow job while I slept. She ever remarked that she had seen my "morning wood" but she never came out and said it, flatly. This incident might seem meaningless to most but it's a sort of mystery that remains to irritate. I have thought of just asking, "Did you blow me?" but there's a sort of wall that prevents me from just doing it. I imagine to most it's just silly.

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