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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I recently found out one of my employees, a married 30 year old black guy is fucking my daughter. They met on tinder and he knew she was my daughter but she didnât know he worked for me.

    He told her he was married and she said she was cool with that and sheâs fucked married guys before. I loved that. They talked for a bit about sex and stuff and she told him sheâs never been with a black guy before but was dying for try.

    She gave him her number and they started exchanging dirty pictures. First few were innocent enough but after he sent her his cock pic she got nasty. She sent a video of her sucking another guy off and eating a facial from him. It was super hot. Seeing her private videos was too much for me to handle so as he was showing me all this I started jerking off in front of him.

    Eventually he invited her over to his secret apartment and she arrived wearing a few into black dress, with her big tits popping out. He filmed her coming inside and as soon as she was inside she got on her knees and took his cock out. Even soft itâs impressively big. Watching her suck his soft cock and seeing it get hard was so hot. I asked to see his soft cock and he was more then happy to take it out. Seeing it in person and in my daughters mouth on the screen was so hot.

    Shebgahs on his cock a few times and then stands up and they kiss. He sits down and she starts dancing for him. She tells him she once danced with another girl for a bachelorette party. He asked her if she fucked all thenguus and she says yes. I love hearing all this. She pulls up her dress and sits her beautiful ass on his lap with his cock between her ass. She grinds up and down and rubs his cock against her ass

    He skipped ahead to when they start fucking and I see my daughter on her back taking his big cock calling him daddy and master. She tells him she wants him to be her master and sheâll do anything for him. He asks her if she would let him piss on her and best her. She says yes please. She tells him to slap her and he does. She asks for it harder and he does. She starts cunning and crying out daddy. She tells him she wants it in her ass. He puts it in and she loves it. She tells him she got fucked in the ass when she was 13 but a neighbour boy that was 16. I knew exactly who she meant. He asked her whatâs her dirtiest fantasy and she tells him to strip for me and my brother withbher other friend then to watch me fuck her friend.

    The guy blows a load in her ass pulls out and sticks his cock in her mouth. This makes me cum all over myself. I ask the guy to rub his cock in my cum and take a picture of our cocks together and send it to her. He does and she replies immediately telling him sheâd love to suck both of the cocks.

    He tells her itâs mine as a joke and she says even better. She sends him a video of her in her room with a dildo and tells him sheâs waiting for an internet stranger to come over and fuck her because sheâs home alone. He tells her to video stream it to him so he can watch.

    An hour later she FaceTimes him and the screen comes up and sheâs being spit roasted on her bed. She tells him the guy brought a surprise friend. We both watch together with myself out of screen. We jerk off together and cum again watching her

    The next plan is for me to be in the room with them while sheâs
    Blindfolded and watch them. Maybe touch her a little. Eat her cum filled pussy.

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    Had me hard as a rock, dude. The most intense orgasm of my life was when I got sloppy seconds on a man's 18 yo daughter. He also sucked me cock and eat out loads out of his daughters sloppy pussy. It was by far the best, most intense and most memorable sex of my entire life. I am a 71yo widower and this happened to me while station in southern California when I was 21yo. I have beat off thousands of times to that memory and still blow a hard, big and intense load.
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    Go for the gold. Have her blow you while she's blindfolded. Sounds like she's such a slut that having a "guest dick" shoved in her mouth or pussy won't phase her.
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    Nice story but I wonder how you know all what happened and all these details. Seems a bit suspicious...

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