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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Chasing the young man across the fields at the back of our cottage in late August, I eventually caught him as he entered Mill woods. He'd was walking through our kitchen when I first saw him, holding my camera and some money I'd put on the kitchen table. My wife was at work and I'd decided to catch up on some design work I'd been doing all month.
    He bolted once he caught sight of me, and he was quick. But having kept fit all my life and having had served in the armed forces I was used to pressure running. Once I caught him he cowered immediately and dropped down. Before I could say anything he said he'd suck me off if I didn't get the police involved, but more importantly, if I didn't kick the shit out of him.
    Any other time during our marriage, I would have told the little shit where to go. And I probably would have hit him. Yet the previous four months of our marriage, my wife had abstained from sex, all sex including sucking me off. Because she was having a fitness and body purge. In other words, she was cleansing herself for a period of six really difficult months for me..
    And that's where my life was. I had a hard on even a blind man from a mile away would have noticed. And all my cock wanted to do, was to be released and have him pay for his indiscretion in our home.
    It was absolutely bliss. The best fucking blow job I'd ever experienced bar none, and I just kept on fucking his beautiful mouth. I'd already orgasmed once making him swallow my cum, even though he tried to pull away. My dick remained ultra hard and I carried on shoving my cock as far down his throat as the young man could take.
    It wasn't I can assure you, forced. But it wasn't I expect what he was expecting, nor me. All the same when my dick was pulsing again in his mouth, I decided I was going to teach him a real lesson in life. Practically ripping his clothing off, He got a glint in his eyes and instead of protesting, he knelt back down, gripped his arse cheeks and pulled them apart. He knew what was next for him, and so did I.
    No lube, no easing my dick into him. Just lots of spit and my hard on forcing its way past his sphincter muscles. It hurt him I know, as he moaned loudly. Yet he didn't cry or try to get me to stop. Once my cock had slid in and out for about ten to fifteen times, he began to back onto me, telling me to fuck him. And so I did.
    It was my first time but I later found out, it wasn't his even at his age.
    I'd already cum once, so I just pounded that kid with everything I wanted to. And to his credit, he took it. It was the most intense fuck I can ever remember having, and it was with a young male in some woods not too far from the cottage I shared with my wife.
    Gripping his shaggy hair getting close again, he screamed out something I didn't quite catch, and I blew my load up his arsehole. Pulling out after a minute or so, I watched my cum leak out and sank down. He could have easily ran away as I was knackered, but he just sat there with my cum oozing from his rear fuck hole. Looking over at me, the cheeky bastard said "I guess you're not going to call the police or hit me then. If not, I'd like you fuck me again sometime".
    That sometime has been every chance we've had since August. My wife's abstinence from sex is over, even so I've found I much prefer fucking my eighteen year old little cheeky shit. He's still a rogue, yet he's also a fantastic dirty little fuck.
    I'd even go as far as to say, the best fantastic little fuck I've ever had.

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