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    Gay Male / 24

    Excuse me if I go deep here. When I was in college a friend of mine turned me on to this site and we read aloud from the mostly gay confessions. I don't have to tell you that he and I were sucking dick and taking it up the ass at the time.

    I graduated and got an internship at my dream job place. After the six months internship they said no thank you and I did not get a permanent position. One of the guys I met there told me it was because of my vocal views and I was obviously not going to be a good fit for their culture. I hired this lawyer and tried to sue but he just took my deposit money and told me that I was out of luck because an internship is not a job offer.

    I moved to the sin capital of the world and got a job delivering take out to offices. This one customer who ran a small financial office kept asking for me to deliver and one day he told me I was just his kind and he wanted to suck me and if I wanted a tip he was more than willing to tip me. He sucked me and gave me a good tip and after that when I delivered I got a good tip. He wasn't anywhere near my type but when he asked if he could fuck me I found out he was very enthusiastic and he tipped really well. He told me that there was a group of them that got together and went out of town and took some boys with them for entertainment and that year they had thought about going to Hilton Head in South Carolina and if I wanted to go a long as his date.

    The other men were mostly like him wealthy and older and the boys that went were pretty obviously gay. I feel I am obvious, I don't hide my gay side but I am not that obvious. At the hotel everyone had their own room with their date and the first night we were there my date wanted to make love. Long passionate kisses, long massages, long sucking sessions, long anal play, long slow fucks. It was hard to participate, I did because I got paid for it, but I wasn't into it. During the next day we went out on the golf course with them, they played we watched and I was supposed to get along with the girls. But I just couldn't, they were pros and that is not me.

    That night I decided to give my date an anal and prostate massage. I had the juice and after a hot shower together I asked him to lay on the towel and let me give him pleasure. I really got into it and I tried to give him the best anal and prostate massage I could. I got him to ejaculate onto the towel and I cleaned him up with a hot towel and kissed and mouthed his soft dick. After a while I lay beside him and let him kiss me as long as he wanted to.

    I had a hard time with the other boys and stayed off to myself the next day they went golfing and at dinner I told him that I just could not hang out with them. He understood and let me stay back in the room, or go down to the sauna and the pool. I gave my date several more prostate treatments which he really likes and treated him to some lovemaking and gave him everything he wanted and I started to enjoy it.

    The sum of all this is that by the time we returned to the city I was his boyfriend and he decided to put me up. I call him my boyfriend but I am pretty sure that the right term is that he is my sugar daddy now and I am working at a desk for a friend of his instead of delivering take out. I don't kid myself, my job with his friend is a cover up for him to get me money and not support me outright. I don't care really, I am over the rejection at my dream job when I finished college and I am living the dream now exploring my bottom side. It is not just about sex, but sex is a big part of it. I don't kid myself, he is a 55 year old banker and I am his 24 year old work in progress.

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    Boring made up bullshit.

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