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    Straight Male / 26

    I was 13 years old when my friends stripped off my bathing suite and embarrased me in front of the girls that played with us. We were having a good time swimming in one of the girls home private pool, when my friends began joking about taking my bathing suite off. I got out of the pool fast when I heard girls telling them to do it and began swimming towards me. I remember runing like hell all the way to the back fence of the house with my friends chacing me and girls telling them to take them off. Stood there thinking there were no adults in the house and thinking they were to many to fight off. I remember ending up naked on the back lawn,a girl picking up my bathing suite and awingging it over the fence and the blood rushing embarrassment of getting and unwanted erection. Just laid there getting helled down on the lawn with a girl's hand around my dick and the rest of them watching. That day I went through the shame of having to climb over the fence to get my bathing suite and parading every bit of myself bare ass naked with boys laughing and girls enjoying the view. It was the most gut renching embarrassment of my intire life, had to swallow my shame and put up with the embarrassment of having girls talking about it for months.

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    Take this as a positive how many of your friends had a girl playing with their dick that day
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    The most gut wrenching day of your life is when you displayed your appalling spelling.

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