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    Gay Male / 49

    When I was in college we had a neighbor who had a business selling homeopathic medicines. He kept to himself, but he did have visitors. I was home for a long weekend and I saw this young guy get out of a car and go in the house without knocking. From the upstairs bedroom you could see into their backyard and the back of their living room if their lights were on. I walked by the window and I saw the young man in his tidy whities and in that short moment the man walkup behind him embrace and start kissing his neck.

    I watched the man reach in his underwear and start to play with his cock, turn him around and kiss his mouth while his hands were inside his underwear grabbing his butt. They kissed for a long time, the man kissing on his neck and his face, his lips, until he got down and pulled his underwear down and sucked on his cock. With his underwear off, the man kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants and stepped out of them and the young man started to suck his cock, jacking him hard, and then sucking him and then turn and put his hands on the edge of this cabinet and the man got behind him and fucked him, a slow motion silent movie.

    My pants were wet, I had made myself cum. I spent that night reliving the moment, the kissing, the cock sucking and then the fucking in the living room. The man was gay and I had witnessed it. Over the weekend I saw the young man come and go, from time to time I saw him or the man walk across the living room, but I didn't witness any other act.

    I went back to college and relived the scene as I masturbated two or three times a day. I started to masturbate in the window, but I knew no one could see inside because of the tint and it was the third floor. When I went back for winter break I didn't see the young man again but I ran into the owner of the house. He told me he was having a Christmas party and we were invited, to ask my parents if they wanted to come. My parents declined but I had to see inside the house, there were about forty people there, all ages, men and women, after meeting a few they were all clients of his, trading stories of how his products helped them.

    I wandered around, found a room with workout equipment, another room that had an office in it, and the master bedroom which was no different than any other one I had seen before. I found the cabinet the young man had leaned against, I looked up and could clearly see the window of our house, if the lights were on you could see inside. I got chills, what if they had seen me watching them? But nothing happened, the party went on for about two hours, lots of food and drink and people broke off and went home. When I left the man said I was welcome anytime, he liked talking to college students, to come over if I got bored.

    From our window upstairs I didn't see anything again, and one day between Christmas and New Years I walked over and knocked on the door. He answered and let me in and asked what he could do for me and I reminded him that he said I could come over anytime. This time he showed me around the house including the master bedroom, in the master bath were these prints of naked Greek wrestlers, but when you got close it was men having sex with men. I stared, trying to get a better view and he watched me patiently and eventually commented that in Greece in those days it was customary for a boy to be given to a man to train, wrestling was naked and some of the boys must have enjoyed it very much, he showed me very faint the little erect penises.

    In his room he suggested I sit on his bed and he went and got a sofa table book, large black and white prints of Greek and Roman drawings and statues, he ran his finger over the statues to show me that at that time naked boys were not considered obscene, and quite frankly between a naked boy and a naked girl, boys were a lot more interesting. He had some more if I wanted to see, some other books, drawings in pencil of naked men in sport poses, pictures of naked men and boys from a long time ago, pencil drawings of naked men posing for a class, and then detailed pencil drawings of penises, him telling me they were magnificent. There just couldn't be anything more magnificent than a man in his prime with an erection, he laughed and said he had some products that helped keep an erection going and going, but at my age I probably didn't need it.

    When he pushed me back on the bed and put his hand on my face and kissed me he told me to lay still and just let him undress me and when we were naked we would be able to look at a lot more pictures of beautiful naked men, beautiful erections and dream of them, but first we had to get naked. I saw his cock, the same cock he had used to fuck the young man but it looked bigger now, he oiled it down and got it into a complete erection and asked me if I liked it, he took the warm oils and massaged me into an erection, with our hands on our erections we kissed again.

    He had more books, these had erotic gay sex pictures, drawings, and photographs, men performing oral sex, men fucking, young men with wistful looks on their faces with a body builder behind them, and all the time using the oils to keep us erect, he told me the oils were flavored, and he sucked my cock and asked me to suck his. It was a caramel like, strawberry like flavor and I remembered the young man sucking him and what happened next. But by then I was lost, the naked men in the books, the pictures of erect penises, being kissed, his hand on my cock, his mouth on my cock, my mouth on his cock, when he came back with more oils and used them to wash my bum side, he sued two fingers back and forth and then put his mouth on my bum and licked hard against me, he then told me to lay back and be a good boy and he got between my legs holding my legs up by the ankles and I felt his arrow pierce me sending a sharp shock through me. He leaned forward on me, my legs wide apart and he fucked me in and out, over and over again, he held my face with his hands, bent over and kissed me, and went back to fucking me. It seemed like a long time before he finished, he said that it was good protein and I would absorb it so not to worry.

    We lay naked for a while, he asked me if I wanted to watch a video and he put on a video of an old man running a young guy down and capturing him in a horse barn and fucking him, the boy screaming and the old man telling him to shut up. While I watched he sucked my cock, he told me that these oils helped to keep me hard longer and he beat me with his hand and sucked me with his mouth until I finally was able to cum. I stayed all afternoon, we watched several other videos, videos of young men being caught by the police or the enemy in war and they all made me hot. It was late, after dark when I finally got dressed and he kissed me for a long minute before letting me go back home.

    It was a long explanation of having spent so much time next door, I told my mother that he had been educating me on all his products and then I went up to my room to just lie on my bed. I could feel his cock in me still whenever I squeezed my asshole shut, it felt good, I still had the oils on my bum and my cock. I took some on my finger to taste what the oils were, fruity but a bit bitter, I left the taste in my mouth.

    From time to time when I was at college I got a book in the mail, or a pamphlet or a comic book. Not at all to leave out for others to find, erections, boys stuck to a horse or a bull, girls tied to a wagon wheel, men with whips and naked boys, old men kissing school boys, mostly art, but some black and white prints of hard erections. I have kept my gifts all these years, I visited my neighbor and learned all about special creams and oils, how to please a man, how to let myself be pleased by a man. Most of his product was sexually oriented, oils, creams, books, pamphlets, mail order toys, panties, whips and boots and training manuals, and his clients could not get enough. No wonder he lived well and he was always generous with me, never charging me a cent, everything he gave me for free.

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    Why are the gay men stores so long and boring?
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    Is there a reason that gay stories are so long? Work through your issues on your own? Straight people, lesbians bi women, they tell a good story. Gay men, tell the longest boring stories, I think that most of them are trying too hard to understand or work through their stories.

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