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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 39

    I really hate my neighbor. Her and her husband are the type of people who are so righteous and god like and do no wrong. When someone else does something wrong they always get on them about it and do it so they embarrass them so the whole neighborhood finds out and knows all the details about what they did. Over the last month or so I noticed, mostly on weekends, that someone was out in their backyard late at night. They would usually be in one part of the yard which was dark so it was difficult to see make out who it was at first. This individual would then walk around and go into areas that were well lit including areas outside of the backyard. This normally would not be an issue but this individual was wearing no clothes and would even masturbate out there. The individual was their 18 year old son. On weekends his parents always went away and I guess he decided to do things while they were away. It was nice to have seen this because should his parents ever give me a holier than thou attitude I would throw it in their face. I took pictures and video of him and would make sure the whole neighborhood would see how well they raised their son.

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    I'd take it easy there dude. Clearly you dont like his parents, but its not the kids fault. Think twice before you ruin someone that's innocent life no matter how you feel about his parents.

    If you want to get at them, seduce his wife or something, but leave the kid out of it....
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    #1. He cannot seduce the wife because in reality he is a 45 year old obese slob living in his moms basement still . With nothing better to do all day other than eat hamburgers and drink coolaid and masturbate to pictures of mens arsehols
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    The kid is 18 years old which makes him a legal adult. Maybe you could make a deal with the wife to do things to keep the pictures private.
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    If an 18 year old is outside jerking off he deserves what he gets.

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