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    Straight Female / 21

    My dad employs a lot of Hispanic workers for this landscaping company. He is always super racist towards, calling them names like “Mexican” and stuff.

    What he doesnt know is that I used to hook up with one of them when I used to live at home, before moving away for college.

    Somet imes he would get too lazy to pick me up from school so he would send this guy named Oscar to get me. He was like 18 or 19 and my dad thought he was one of the good ones because he would call him sir and shit like that.

    I would suck his dick and swallow it all while we were parked in the driveway before I went inside the house.

    Sometimes he would even pulled into the parking lot of the park around the corner from our house and I would ride him inside the car until he pumped me full of his cum. Then he would drop me off at home.

    I loved it when he talked dirty to me in Spanish. Calling me names and shit.

    If my racist dad finds out, he would have a stroke.

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    How did the cocksucking start? He seduce you? Mad at dad and thought it would be a way to get back at him?
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    Well done you little pathetic slut. How do you think you sound ? No one is impressed by your slutism. I wouldnt worry about your racist pig of a father, he is probably hanging out of the asshole of one of the men anyhow, the gay Mexican cock sucker.
    Ps. Do you like it up the shot box ? Xx
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    The crazed trolls are loose on this site.

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