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    I woke up early this morning with a stomach ache and a desperate need to have a poo. I ran to the toilet holding my bum and I only just made it in time to have a very relieving fart and a wee. I couldn't poo so I pushed and did a few pebbles but that was it. I still feel like I had to poo really badly but nothing came out so I gave up and got ready for work.

    As I was leaving for work I started feeling like I was going to poo myself but I ignored it and I held it until I got to work as I didn't want to be late. The drive took me about twenty minutes and then I got to work I went straight to go toilets but the cleaning guy was mopping the floor and I felt embarrassed to ask him if I could use the toilet but I was desperate for a poo and I couldn't wait any longer. I felt my face burning red as I explained I was desperate to go and before I could finish my word he said I could go and it wasn't a problem. I ran into the nearest cubicle which was spotless and ripped by knickers and leggings down together and threw myself onto the toilet and the moment my bum touched the toilet seat I felt a huge wave of relief as I exploded a torrent of diarrhoea into the toilet. I heard him going into the cubicle next to mine and I thought he was going clean the toilet but saw his trousers and pants drop down to his feet and I figured he was going to the toilet but I couldn't hear anything for a while. I sat in my cubicle and I started to hear some gasps and an I realised he was pleasuring himself and I left and washed my hands. He came out of his cubicle with a red face and the bulge in his trousers proved he was getting off on me pooing next to him. I asked him if he enjoyed himself and he said nothing and he left in a hurry.

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